5 Key Points You Need to Get Across in Your Next Interview

By Chelsea Babin

Want to make a great impression in your next interview? Of course you do! While you can’t control the questions you’re asked during the interview process, you can control how you respond and what key points you focus on. These are the 5 key points you need to get across in your next interview if you want a job offer.

1. Your Results: You can say you know how to do something but, in most interviews, you can’t show it or prove it until you’ve actually gotten the job. Instead, focus on examples where you produced the kind of results they’re looking for. Emphasizing your role in the results produced in your last position, while acknowledging collaboration from the rest of the team if applicable, is essential if you want to make a great impression in your next interview

2. Soft Skills: Everyone in your interview will care about the technologies you can use, the development or design experience you have, etc. But, what they may not ask you direct questions about is your soft skills. These can be equally important and you want to make sure you get these skills effectively communicated during your interview process. From analytical thinking to the ability to work directly with clients and more, soft skills are essential in most positions but they’re more difficult to get across in an interview.

3. Why You’re a Great Fit for This Specific Position at this Specific Company: Get to know some specifics about the company before your interview. Listen closely for specific future projects or other important information during your interview process. Then, you can easily and organically get across the point that you’re a great fit for this specific position and this specific company.

4. How You’ll Continue to Add Value: Companies aren’t just looking for the skills and experience you’ll bring to the table but also your potential to continually add value to their organization. Mentioning your skill development in your free time, your dedication to continuous learning, and your desire to grow within the company will go a long way in your next interview.

5. Your Work Ethic: One thing that can be hard to demonstrate in the interview process is how hard you’re willing to work and how strong your inherent work ethic is. To get this point across you can mention examples that hint at your strong work ethic, you can state that you have a strong work ethic outright (though anyone could say this), or you can demonstrate your work ethic through a polished resume, a well-executed interview, follow-through with thank you letters, and a quick response time when you’re offered the position.

Now that you know how to focus your message in your next interview, it won’t matter what questions you’re asked! You’ll be prepared to get these 5 key points across during the interview process which will help you snag the job offer you really want.

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