6 Things You Can do Today to Get Noticed at Work

By Chelsea Babin

If you want to improve your relationships with coworkers, get on your boss’ good side, impress clients or customers, and put yourself in a great position for a raise or promotion you’ll need to get noticed at work. The best way to do this is long, sustained time periods of reliability, hard work, and clear dedication. But, if you want to get noticed today, here are 6 things you can do quickly to get noticed.

1. Show Up Early: While showing up early at the beginning of the day is always a good thing, this principle can be applied to other times during the workday as well. Getting to a meeting a couple minutes early, getting back from lunch a few minutes early, arriving to client meetings around 5-10 minutes early, etc. Make it a habit to show up early and you’re sure to get noticed at work!

2. Lend a Hand: Don’t wait to be recruited for additional responsibilities, offer to lend a hand today! If you want to prove you’re a go-getter or learn new skills, this is a great way to stand out, get noticed, and add value. Plus, you’ll prove how team-oriented you are and you may be a lifesaver for a coworker who is in over their head on a current project.

3. Specific Compliments or Constructive Criticism: When you’re praising someone don’t just say, “You did a great job”, be specific! When you’re offering constructive criticism don’t just say, “Your wording could have been better”, be specific! If you want to stand out and offer memorable compliments and constructive criticism that’s actually helpful, be as specific as possible.

4. Speak Up During a Meeting: IF you want to get noticed and you’re willing to put yourself out there, speaking up during a meeting is a great way to do it. Contribute relevant examples, data, opinions, or points that add to the message of the meeting.

5. Give Your Emails a Once Over: How often do you write up an email and immediately send it out as soon as you’ve typed it? If your answer was “always” or “most of the time”, giving your emails a once over before you send them could help you stand out and get noticed at work. Little tweaks and improvements will make all the difference!

6. A Walk and Talk: In TV shows, characters will often talk to each other as they’re walking to their destination. The West Wing made this phenomenon famous but you’ll see it in many modern TV shows and movies as well. Why not borrow from the screen and have your own walk and talk? Whether it’s with a coworker or your boss or a client, offer to discuss something you’d normally talk about during a meeting, phone call, or email chain as you both take a short walk. Or, simply take a walking break with one of your coworkers and get to know each other a little better as you do. Fitting walk and talks into your workday will help you stand out, help you take the reinvigorating breaks you need to improve your productivity, and help you strengthen workplace relationships.

If you feel like it’s your time to shine and you’re ready to get noticed at work, you can do these 6 things today! But, remember, the best way to get noticed at work is to produce great results consistently, be reliable, and communicate effectively.

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