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Small Companies Have a Happiness Edge But Fall Short on Salary for Technical Professionals

By Chelsea Babin

The Information Technology sector is booming and technical professionals are faced with a cornucopia of opportunity. According to recent data from Glassdoor, the Information Technology industry has 263,586 open jobs, which are worth roughly $20.9 billion to the economy. The technology jobs with unfilled openings of the highest economic value...

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8 Reasons Why the Best Time to Look for a New Job is When You Don’t Need One

By Chelsea Babin A passive job search is when you take some time to look for job opportunities that you could apply to but you’d be fine staying in your current position. When you conduct regular passive job searches, you’re spending a few hours per week, per month, or per quarter looking for a new...
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Worried About These 5 Programming Languages Dying? Here’s What You Should Learn to Stay Ahead

By Chelsea Babin The popularity and demand for certain programming languages is always changing. If you want to stay competitive in the IT world, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest programming languages so your skills don’t fall out of favor and eventually leave you out of job options. According to Dice, these five...
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