Candidate Services

We’re the Voice Behind Your Resume…

You’ll Never Miss Out on A Life-Changing Opportunity

We at Camden Kelly want to do more than find you one perfect job. We want to be partners in your career. The days of companies ensuring their employee’s personal growth are long gone. Now it’s up to you. However, you don’t have to do it alone.

We’ll keep you updated on major opportunities, trends in the tech market and the inside scoop we gather from speaking to companies all day long. Interested?

Currently Looking for a Job?

Looking for career growth, cutting edge technology, more money, a shorter commute, better benefits or a more flexible schedule? We’re here to understand what’s important to you, not treat you like another resume in a database.

We’ll keep your information confidential, a key factor in the competitive world of IT, and we won’t spam your resume to hundreds of companies. Instead, we’ll only release your name and background information to a select few companies who match your customized career desires and have an interest in your skills.

The Best Time to Look is When You Don’t Need to

When you’re ready to make a career move you may look around and find zero opportunities that peak your interest. That’s because great opportunity rarely presents itself on your schedule. You have to be open to it constantly. Instead of spending excessive time searching, we can keep you informed on all of the great opportunities you’re suited for.

IT is always changing—there will constantly be updates and new technologies added—the best thing you can do is have someone like us by your side. After all, we spend all day listening to what companies want from their future employees.

We’ll update you on opportunities we think you might be interested in. If you’re not looking to make a move just yet, that’s fine, but what if the perfect job comes along and you weren’t expecting it? Don’t miss out on life-changing career opportunities simply because you’ve gotten comfortable—maybe even complacent—at your current job.

The Voice Behind Your Resume

We want to help you navigate your career by representing you for the life of your career. We’re the voice behind your resume. But we want to be more. Our dedication is award winning. We’ve been the recipient of the Best and Brightest award in 2016 and 2017! Keep in contact and we’ll become the guiding voice behind your career.