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Worried About These 5 Programming Languages Dying? Here’s What You Should Learn to Stay Ahead

By Chelsea Babin The popularity and demand for certain programming languages is always changing. If you want to stay competitive in the IT world, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest programming languages so your skills don’t fall out of favor and eventually leave you out of job options. According to Dice, these five...
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Six Things You Should Never Be Too Busy to Do If You Want to be Successful

By Chelsea Babin Americans feel they’re busier than ever and though some studies agree, others disagree. That being said, you probably are fairly strapped for time especially when you consider everything you’d like to do in the day. Unfortunately, you’ll always be too busy to accomplish everything but, if you want a successful career and...
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Want a Successful Career? Do These 6 Things to Boost Your Confidence

By Chelsea Babin Confidence can lead to a more successful career and a happier life overall, but it doesn’t always come easily. If you’re looking to boost your confidence so you’re more likely to be productive, promoted, and well liked by your coworkers and professional network connections do these 6 things. 1. Get Into the Growth...
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