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Major Tech Hubs of 2018 and In-Demand Technologies at Fortune 500 Companies

By Chelsea Babin Although Silicon Valley may be known as a global epicenter of the technology industry, several cities across the United States are vying for spots as additionally important tech hubs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM professions grew at over twice the rate as non-STEM workers did between 2009 and...
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Why You Should Automate Your Mornings and 5 Tips to Help You Do It

By Chelsea Babin Automation is all the rage in the IT industry. Should you apply these same concepts to streamline your morning routine? Yes! Here are 3 great reasons why automating your mornings will help you ease into productivity and focus at work. 1. Minimal Effort: Once you set up your systems for automation, you have...
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8 Things You Need to Do the Night Before A Review

By Chelsea Babin The night before a job interview, you’re probably busy picking out your perfect outfit, practicing answers to common interview questions, adjusting your body language, and researching the company. These steps help you succeed the next day and increase your chances of a positive result. The same applies for the night before a...
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