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6 Questions You Need to Ask in a Technical Interview

By Chelsea Babin Finding the perfect answers to interview questions is important but asking the right questions is equally important. Make sure you ask the following 6 questions in your upcoming technical interview. 1. Technical skills aside, what soft skills are needed to succeed in this position? You’re confident that you have the necessary technical skills to...
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How to Find the Balance Between Bragging and Hiding When Talking About Yourself in an Interview

By Chelsea Babin One of the aspects of interviewing that makes a lot of people uncomfortable is the amount of time you have to spend talking about yourself. On the one hand you need to sell the interviewer on why you’d be the perfect fit for this position, which requires a little bragging. On the...
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Stumped for an Answer to an Interview Question? Follow These 4 Steps

By Chelsea Babin Sometimes you’ll get asked a question in an interview that completely stumps you. If you haven’t been in the exact situation they’re asking about, it may be difficult to come up with an authentic, honest, flattering answer. Follow these 4 steps if you want to properly handle this tricky situation. 1. Acknowledge your...
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