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Should You Turn Down That Job Offer? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions First

By Chelsea Babin So, you have a job offer on the table, but you’re unsure whether or not you want to accept the position. It’s understandable to be hesitant about making such a big decision. But, rather than outright accepting or rejecting the job offer right away, ask yourself these 6 questions first. 1. Can you...
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Certifications and Open Source Technology Gain a Strong Foothold with Today’s Technologists and Technology Focused Companies

By Chelsea Babin If you’re noticing more resumes highlighting open source skills and certifications coming in for your open technology positions, you aren’t alone. Both certifications and a variety of open source technologies are gaining a strong foothold with today’s technologists and technology-focused companies. When it comes to open source technology, a survey conducted by...
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6 Questions You Need to Ask in a Technical Interview

By Chelsea Babin Finding the perfect answers to interview questions is important but asking the right questions is equally important. Make sure you ask the following 6 questions in your upcoming technical interview. 1. Technical skills aside, what soft skills are needed to succeed in this position? You’re confident that you have the necessary technical skills to...
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