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Technology Salaries are Growing Rapidly in Up-and-Coming Tech Cities and Declining in Major Tech Hubs

By Chelsea Babin With an unemployment rate of only 2.5%, according to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the technology industry’s unemployment rate has remained fairly steady. While unemployment isn’t shrinking, the technology industry still greatly outperforms the overall U.S. labor market, where the unemployment rate has dipped to 4.5%. The...
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These are the Top Paying Industries for Technical Professionals

By Chelsea Babin The IT industry isn’t the only industry in the market for qualified, talented, and hard-to-find technical professionals. And, according to a recent Dice Salary Survey, 63 percent of tech pros anticipate changing employers in 2017. The desire for higher compensation was a leading factor in their decisions, followed by better working...
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5 Workplace Taboos That Are Becoming More Acceptable in the IT Industry

By Chelsea Babin On average, job tenures are shorter and companies are becoming less bureaucratic and restrictive, especially in the IT industry. These 5 workplace taboos are on their way out for technical professionals. Does your company still frown upon one or more of these practices? 1. Brightly Colored Hair, Jeans and T-shirts, and Tattoos: Some...
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