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Major Tech Hubs of 2018 and In-Demand Technologies at Fortune 500 Companies

By Chelsea Babin Although Silicon Valley may be known as a global epicenter of the technology industry, several cities across the United States are vying for spots as additionally important tech hubs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM professions grew at over twice the rate as non-STEM workers did between 2009 and...
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As Tech Salaries Outpace National Growth, Crossboarding Gains Popularity

By Chelsea Babin Salaries are on the rise across the United States, according to a new study from SmartAsset. But technical professionals are seeing more rapid salary growth than many other professionals. The national STEM income average is $73,487, which is well ahead of many major city’s average salary level, even those who have...
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How Skyrocketing Salaries and Contract Workers Affect Tech Hiring in 2017

By Chelsea Babin According to Dice, the average technology salary in the U.S. stood at $96,370 last year and, while the numbers for 2017 have yet to be released, we can only assume it’s continued to increase. Why? Because the 2016 average was a 7.7% increase from the year before. And, in more active...
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