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The Best Way to Bounce Back After Accepting a Crummy Salary

By Chelsea Babin Negotiating your salary not only affects your current compensation, but all of your future compensation. However, if you somehow found yourself stuck with a crummy salary, there are a few ways you can bounce back. Use these 6 tips to climb out of the crummy salary hole and earn more competitive compensation. 1....
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Can’t Take a Vacation? You Can Still Recharge & Prevent Burnout Doing These 5 Things

By Chelsea Babin Whether you’re short on funds, short on available paid time off, or just unable to take a vacation because work is hectic at the moment you can still relax, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries to prevent burnout. How? Do one or more of these 5 things! 1. Balance Work Time Blocks with Break...
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