Client Services

Camden Kelly Provides The Personalized Service Your Company Needs.

Whether you are looking to fill a contract roll or permanent position, we are committed to finding the perfect match for your company. We provide you with one point of contact, one of our highly trained sourcing and recruiting professionals who have in-depth technical knowledge and a track record of success. Our service doesn’t stop there. After you’ve found a suitable candidate, we can help with salary negotiations, benefits, on-boarding, candidate’s resignation, background, drug screens and much more.

When it Comes to Contractors, We Have You Covered.

All of the contractors we send your way will be thoroughly interviewed, have a track record of success, and—once they are hired—will be W-2 employees of Camden Kelly and receive most of the same benefits as our in-house staff. Additionally, all of our contractors are covered by our extensive insurance program so your organization doesn’t need to take on any liability. Our insurance includes: Professional Liability Insurance, Liability Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Auto Owned/Non Owned Insurance, Data Theft Insurance and Bonded Contractors. All contractors who work with Camden Kelly have read and signed our thorough employee conduct handbook as well as non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.

Why working with Camden Kelly is a No-Brainer

We are proud members of the American Staffing Association and the only firm currently using a proprietary Artificial Intelligence program capable of contacting millions of candidates in minutes. Our detail oriented, highly trained staff will work hard and work quickly to provide you with the perfect candidate to fill your open position. And, we’re proud recipients of the 2016 and 2017 National Best and Brightest award.

Call us today, and get a look at what we have to offer. We won’t charge you for interviewing our candidates. There’s nothing to lose and plenty of great talent to gain!

Contact information for our DFW and Southern California offices can be found here or click Start a Search to fill out the service request form.