Four Tips for Improving Your Work Performance

By Chelsea Babin

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion, a raise, or you simply want to improve your work performance so you feel better about the quality of work you’re contributing, these four tips will help you improve your work performance!

1. Choose One New Skill and Focus: When you want to improve your work-related skills there may be several technologies you could learn or soft skills you can improve. It doesn’t matter how you choose one, however, it does matter that you choose only one to focus on at a time. Why? If you want to learn things thoroughly, faster, and have a passion for what you’re doing it’s important to focus all of your extra work-related energy and attention on one specific thing so you won’t feel overwhelmed and so you can improve that skill a lot faster than if you split your focus.

2. Focus on Deep Work: Cognitively demanding tasks are often referred to as deep work and it’s the stuff you should be focusing on the majority of the time. If you want to improve your job performance, focusing on deep work is important because, as your schedule becomes more fragmented, it’s easy to focus on surface level or less cognitively demanding work because it takes less time to get into. You’ll improve your abilities by focusing on deep work more often because you’ll be challenging your cognitive limits and working to the best of your ability using your highest value skills. If you want to learn more about Deep Work, this book is a great resource.

3. Bond with Coworkers: The importance of office camaraderie is sometimes underestimated when people want to improve their work performance but it can be incredibly beneficial! Set up a book club, a bowling league, or a regularly scheduled happy hour so you have dedicated time to bond with your coworkers. Those strengthened relationships will improve your professional network in the long term but it will also improve office collaboration, communication, and your happiness at your current job which can greatly improve your overall work performance.

4. Set Boundaries from Distraction: If you find your productivity slipping, it may be because you don’t have enough boundaries set to help you avoid distraction. Whether it’s blocking off periods of time where you’re unavailable to coworker questions and emails, scheduling a specific time to embrace fun distractions like social media, or taking regular 10 minute walking breaks every hour to prevent the temptation to be distracted, set your boundaries and stick to them so you can stretch your ability to concentrate and improve your work performance as you improve your ability to focus.

The constant pursuit of productivity and improved work performance is important if you want to have a long and successful career. These four tips will help you improve your work performance rapidly and effectively!

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