Burning desire to learn & get flextime

Why does it feel so hot in here? Because your desire to continuously learn new technologies and get flextime is burning up! Don’t extinguish the flames, fuel them with this fantastic Application Specialist opportunity.

For two decades, this company has been attracting clients thanks to their core products and their ability to continuously improve and innovate. When you work here, you’ll need to be able to take direction, pay attention to detail, and learn continuously. If you love to work in a busy, bustling office environment you’ll thrive here! Research, learn, and use your Printing Architecture experience to work on application programming, make dependent data streams independent, augment data structures, merge jobs together, re-engineer existing applications, and work with various platforms and operating systems. This work environment is heavily project-based and a great place to learn through training and on your own.

The easiest part of this job: From a 401k with 4% match to flextime, you’ll get benefits you’ll truly love here!

The hardest part of this job: If you have no desire to learn new things you won’t like working here.

Fuel your burning desire to learn cutting-edge technology and get flextime in this Application Specialist role. Apply today!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($80,000-$100,000)
– Medical
– 401k with 4% Match
– Flextime
– 2 Weeks PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– Work on application programming and make dependent data streams independent
– Augment data structure and merge jobs together
– Re-engineer existing applications and use your strong desire to learn to stay up to date on the latest technologies
– Work with various platforms and operating systems while you work with printing architectures

What you need:
– Printing Architectures
– Experience working on multiple operating systems is a plus