Share your smarts & create quality content

You know that learning is a life-long pursuit and you think of it as one of the best parts of life. If you want to share your smarts, create quality content, and work in an environment that supports your passion for learning you won’t want to miss this AWS Instructor opportunity!

This high tech, high quality company is growing, succeeding, and spreading their employee’s shared passion for learning and cutting-edge tech! If you have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Video Training, and you’re AWS Certified you’ll be a great fit for this position! Create courses, hands-on labs, video lessons, and more high quality content that focuses on AWS Certifications and other AWS technologies. You’ll need to be able to support and troubleshoot AWS questions and inquiries. You will also need to continuously learn new technologies and trends to implement them in your lessons and keep your content up to date and incredibly useful! But don’t worry, although you’ll be building these lessons from the ground up, you won’t be alone. You’ll be surrounded by passionate colleagues who are doing the same thing but focusing on different technologies. There’s definitely a sense of camaraderie at this highly profitable company that comes from an organization prioritizing hiring the right personalities with a passion for teaching and learning technology.

The easiest part of this job: From generous PTO to bonus opportunities, this company offers high quality benefits to match the high quality work their employees produce.

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not eager to educate others or you’re not passionate about technology this won’t be the right job for you.

Get ready to share your smarts, create quality content, and get quality benefits in this AWS Instructor role. Passionate techies like you should apply ASAP!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($80,000-$120,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Optical
– IRA with automatic 2% contribution
– Bonus Opportunities
– Professional Development Opportunities
– Flextime
– Partial Telecommuting
– 3 Weeks PTO
– 1 Week Sick Leave
– 8 Holidays

What you’ll be doing:
– Create courses, labs, and testing labs around AWS Certifications
– Support and troubleshoot AWS questions and inquiries
– Create hands-on labs and video courses
– Develop content that aligns with certifications and helps others learn
– Continuously learn new technologies and trends to implement them in your lessons

What you need:
– Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– Linux
– Video Training experience
– AWS Certified
– AWS SDKs and Mobile Services are a plus
– Machine Learning is a plus
– Kinesis is a plus
– AWS API Management Services are a plus
– Other AWS Application Services are a plus