Small, loud team moves legacy to NodeJS

Are you loud and proud? Are you energetic and frenetic? Are you as collaborative as can be and looking to join a small team you’ll love? Help update a legacy system and move it to NodeJS in this Back End Developer opportunity!

This fun, upbeat team is energetic, loud, and fast-paced. If you want to work for a growing company with a small, close-knit team of developers who you can collaborate with on exciting projects you’ll love working here. Plus, they offer great benefits like flextime and 3 weeks of PTO! Wear your favorite casual clothes and use your JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL, Rest API, and possibly .Net Suite, PHP, or Python experience to focus on back end design and development of new features. You’ll refactor the legacy system and update it to NodeJS while you architect scalable back end solutions, optimize performance, build services and integrations, collaboratively gather requirements, unit test endpoints and codebase, and so much more. 

The easiest part of this job:  This fun, energetic atmosphere is the perfect place for a loud, passionate technologist like you to thrive!

The hardest part of this job: If you aren’t upbeat you may not fit in on this growing development team.

Join a small, loud team that’s moving their legacy system to NodeJS and so much more in this Back End Developer role. Apply today!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($100,000-$120,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Optical
– Life
– 401k
– Flextime
– 3 Weeks PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– Refactor and update a legacy system to NodeJS
– Focus on back end design and development of new features
– Build services and integrations for an existing system
– Architect scalable back end solutions and optimize performance
– Collaborate, help estimate timelines, and gather requirements
– Debug and unit test endpoints and code base

What you need:
– JavaScript
– NodeJS
– Rest API
– .Net Suite is a plus
– PHP or Python is a plus