Create & solve tech problems

When you’re working with technology, you’re often asked to fix things. Fix bugs, fix errors, find solutions to problems, etc. But, in this unique Containers Instructor role, you can create the problems and solve them, leading you to a deeper understanding of each technology and putting you in a better position to teach others!

Think outside the box and teach eager technologists around the globe who are just as passionate as you are! The courses and videos you create here will be seen and used by tens of thousands of people in top companies who love cutting-edge technologies and certifications as much as you do. In order to succeed in this position, you’ll need experience with Docker, Google Containers Engine, Puppet, Microservices, Kibernetes, Azure, and possibly other certifications. You’ll stay busy developing testing labs, training videos, and other content centered on your technical knowledge. Meet stringent deadlines and learn while you earn in this exciting, growing platform company that’s as profitable as can be!

The easiest part of this job: If you’re a true technologist who loves to dissect how technology works and break things on purpose in order to find the best ways to fix them, this is the right role for you.

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not eager to create problems, solve problems, and then teach your methods to others you won’t like working here.

Create & solve complex tech problems for the benefit of thousands of global users who are eager to learn your cutting-edge knowledge in this Containers Instructor opportunity!

What’s in it for you?

– Competitive Salary

– Medical

– Dental

– Optical


– Professional Education Opportunities

– Bonus Opportunities

– 3 Weeks PTO

– 1 Week Sick Leave

– 8 Holidays

What you’ll be doing:

– Develop testing labs, training videos and other content to create well-rounded, cutting-edge technology courses

– Learn while you earn and stay up to date on the latest technologies and certifications

– Create high quality content for thousands of global users and meet stringent deadlines

What you need:

– Docker

– Google Containers Engine

– Puppet

– Microservices

– Kibernetes

– Azure

– Other Certiifications are a plus