Outgoing Java expert earns bonuses

With hands on Java development experience in your past and an outgoing, communicative personality that’s lasted a lifetime, you’re looking towards the future and it’s crystal clear: this Java Manager role is where you want to be!

With over 5,000 clients across the United States and an expert offshore development team, this company needs a great go-between who can make sure their client’s needs are met, pitch services to clients, and read through and suggest adjustments to the Java code their offshore team is writing. Join a modern, open work environment in a flat organization that loves outgoing, personable people like you! Use your Java and possibly experience working with offshore teams to create an understanding of client needs, gather requirements directly from clients, help deliver awesome customer satisfaction, and more. You’ll need to be able to confidently deliver presentations that pitch services directly to clients and make sure offshore teams thoroughly understand client needs throughout the development process. If you can do that, you’ll earn bonuses, a 401k with 3-7% match, and two weeks of paid time off!

The easiest part of this job: Deliver awesome customer satisfaction with your winning personality, outgoing demeanor, and excellent communication skills and work with tons of amazing clients around the U.S.!

The hardest part of this job: If you don’t want to be in a manager role with no hands on development this won’t be the right job for you.

Are you an outgoing, communicative Java expert? Earn bonuses and more in this Delivery Manager opportunity!

What’s in it for you?

– Competitive Salary ($80,000-$120,000)
– Medical
– 401k with 3-7% Match
– Bonuses
– 2 Weeks PTO
– Holidays

What you’ll be doing:

– Communicate with an offshore team to create an understanding of client needs 
– Communicate with clients to gather requirements, understand their needs, and help deliver awesome customer satisfaction
– Read Java code and understand it to communicate with an offshore team about changes that need to be made
– Sit side by side with the client and pitch services to them through presentations

What you need:

– Java
– Experience with offshore teams is a plus