An AWS focus & lots of freebies

Why do people get so much more excited about trinkets like magnets, Frisbees, and coasters when they’re free? Because free things are the best! If you can focus on a heavy AWS workload in a LAMP environment you’ll get freebies like conferences, weekly breakfast, and beer in this Lead LAMP Developer role!

Join a startup that’s always pushing innovation boundaries and working towards making the world a better place every day. You can collaborate with an intelligent, close-knit team and use your leadership experience to mentor junior developers, showing them the ropes and great examples of clean, testable, effective code. In order to succeed in this position you’ll need experience with AWS, ElasticSearch, REST API’s, leadership, and possibly PHP, SaaS, Yii, or mobile. Having a Bachelor’s Degree is a requirement but, if you happen to have a Master’s Degree, that would be preferred. You’ll spend your days collaborating to fine tune REST API’s, making sure applications are secure and efficient, engineering and developing scalable applications, building dashboards and real-time analytics for big data for multiple clients, and implementing mathematical and machine learning algorithms. If you thrive in a startup environment that’s very Google-esque you’ve come to the right place!

The easiest part of this job: Get free catered breakfast once a week, free conferences when you want to learn innovative techniques or technology, and free beer in the office when you work here!

The hardest part of this job: If you don’t have leadership experience or aren’t eager to mentor junior developers this won’t be the right job for you.

Work heavily with AWS in a cutting-edge LAMP environment, mentor, and get lots of freebies in this exciting Lead LAMP Developer opportunity. Apply today!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($100,000-$140,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Optical
– Life
– Equity
– Free Conferences
– Free Weekly Breakfast
– Free Beer
– Flextime
– Partial Telecommuting
– 15 Days PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– Engineer and develop scalable applications in a LAMP environment while working heavily with AWS
– Build dashboards and real-time analytics for big data for multiple clients
– Collaborate with a small front end team to fine tune REST API’s
– Collaborate with the DevOps team to make sure applications are secure and efficient
– Implement mathematical and machine learning algorithms
– Mentor junior engineers and show them great examples of clean, testable, effective code

What you need:
– ElasticSearch
– Leadership experience
– Bachelor’s Degree
– SaaS is a plus
– Yii is a plus
– Mobile experience is a plus
– Master’s Degree is a plus