Be the king of work-life balance

Can you handle being the primary architect for a suite of cutting-edge mobile apps? Can you lead while executing high-quality hands on code? Do you want to earn equity and be the king or queen of work-life balance thanks to perks like flextime and partial telecommuting? If you said yes to all three questions you’re a shoe-in for success in this Lead Mobile Developer opportunity!

This hot international startup has several cutting-edge projects that are promoted by top influencers and already beloved despite their recent release. If you want to work on technical projects that are truly exciting and groundbreaking you’ve come to the right place! Work with an open, fun, diverse team that can often be found hanging out outside of the office and act as the primary mobile architect for upcoming apps. You’ll need to be experienced with iOS, Android, AWS, and Video Streaming in order to succeed here but, if you also have experience with Swift, Live Video, OpenGL, H.264, RTMP, Facebook SDK, or YouTube SDK those skills will come in handy. You’ll lead an expanding mobile development team, prioritize projects, support high-quality user experience, and write hands on code. While you don’t need to be an expert in both Android and iOS, you need to have deep knowledge of one and some knowledge of the other. While you’re working on cutting-edge mobile applications you’ll earn great benefits like equity and unlimited PTO!

The easiest part of this job: The CTO only hires people that are smarter than him so you’ll be surrounded by sharp, knowledgeable techies who are excited to work on innovative technology every day!

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not looking to continue coding while leading and architecting this won’t be the right opportunity for you.

Be the primary architect, a hands on coder,  be an effective leader, earn equity, and  be the king or queen of work-life balance in this Lead Mobile Developer role. Apply today!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($150,000-$180,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Bonuses
– Equity
– Flextime
– Partial Telecommuting
– Unlimited PTO
– Holidays

What you’ll be doing:
– Work on hands on mobile application development using your deep knowledge of Android or iOS
– Build a cutting-edge app and lead an expanding mobile development team
– Collaborate with international teams and write code for apps that support existing technology
– Support high-quality user experiences and make sure all mobile architecture is solidly designed
– Prioritize and maintain a high attention to detail in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

What you need:
– iOS
– Android
– Video Streaming
– Swift is a plus
– Live Video is a plus
– OpenGL is a plus
– H.264 is a plus
– RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) is a plus
– Facebook SDK is a plus
– YouTube SDK is a plus