Mentor, lead, & earn unlimited PTO!

Like Yoda to Luke or Steve Jobs to Tim Cook, great mentors can shape others, lead them along the right path, and still do great work themselves. If you can mentor and lead while building and launching an important product using ElasticSearch you’ll earn unlimited PTO in this Sr. Software Engineer role!

This rapidly expanding company has a casual, zen environment you’ll love working in! They’re ambitious with their products and projects and they offer great benefits like free lunch everyday, an onsite gym, a meditation room, flextime, and more. If you have experience with Python, Flask or Django, AWS, Redis, and ElasticSearch you’ll be able to work closely with the data team and utilize data science to work on cutting-edge projects like improving a website’s search function and making it more intuitive for users. While you help build and launch new products, you’ll also need to lead the engineering team and mentor them along the way. If you love sharing your experience and your passion for technology you’ll do well here!

The easiest part of this job: This company offers work-life balance improving benefits like flextime and unlimited PTO that you really want!

The hardest part of this job: If you don’t want to mentor and lead in a rapidly growing company this won’t be the right job for you.

Mentor, lead, build, launch, eat free lunch, and earn unlimited PTO in this awesome Sr. Software Engineer opportunity. Apply today!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($130,000-$160,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Optical
– 401k
– Flextime
– Free Lunch
– Meditation Room
– Onsite Gym
– Unlimited PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– Work with the data team and utilize data science to improve search function
– Help build and launch a new product using ElasticSearch
– Mentor and lead the engineering team

 What you need:
– Python
– Flask or Django
– AWS (EC2, S3)
– Redis
– ElasticSearch