Improve the world & earn flextime

What if I told you that your cutting-edge technical skills could help make the world a better place? What if I told you that you can have a hand in improving the world and have a great work-life balance thanks to perks like flextime? It’s true, and it’s waiting for someone like you in this Technical PHP Lead opportunity.

With a Google-esque office complete with couches, a casual dress code, and free beer, this exciting startup seems exactly like any other cool startup when you first walk in. But, once you realize how dedicated they are to making the world a better place and helping their employees learn and grow through perks like free conferences, you’re not going to want to leave. And, as long as you have experience with AWS, ElasticSearch, REST API’s, leadership, and possibly PHP, SaaS, Yii, and mobile you won’t have to leave. You can get straight to work building dashboards and real-time analytics to handle big data for multiple clients. Implementing development processes, working with vast amounts of data and complex algorithms as you engineer and develop scalable applications in a LAMP environment, and more. You’ll work heavily with AWS, mentor junior developers, and collaborate with the front end team to fine tune REST API’s. You’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in this position but, if you happen to have a Master’s Degree, they’ll love that! Most importantly, you need to fit in with this dedicated, highly intelligent, innovative team of people who aren’t afraid to take on challenging-yet-rewarding workloads.

The easiest part of this job: Earn benefits like flextime and partial telecommuting in this exciting position where you can help make the world a better place and innovate every day.

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not interested in working in a startup environment this won’t be the right job for you.

Innovate, improve the world, and earn flextime in this fantastic Technical PHP Lead role. You’ll love working here!

What’s in it for you?
– Competitive Salary ($100,000-$140,000)
– Medical
– Dental
– Optical
– Life
– Equity
– Free Conferences
– Free Weekly Breakfast
– Free Beer
– Flextime
– Partial Telecommuting
– 15 Days PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– Implement development processes and work with vast amounts of data and complex algorithms
– Engineer and develop scalable applications in a LAMP environment while working heavily with AWS
– Mentor junior engineers and show them great examples of clean, testable, effective
– Build dashboards and real-time analytics for big data for multiple clients
– Collaborate with a front end team to fine tune REST API’s and work with the DevOps team to make applications secure, efficient, and scalable
– Implement mathematical and machine learning algorithms

What you need:
– ElasticSearch
– Leadership experience
– Bachelor’s Degree
– SaaS is a plus
– Yii is a plus
– Mobile experience is a plus
– Master’s Degree is a plus