Name: Alicia McNeil
Title: Search Executive
Phone: 949-333-0057

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I’m Alicia. I’m passionate about placing people in a position that helps them fulfill their vocare. Vocare is Latin for calling or purpose. That’s right, vocation has Latin roots; your vocation is your calling. I want to help people and companies find long term fits so that they can both fulfill their purpose. So, call me and we can talk about you and how awesome you are!

“Growth ain’t for weenies, but it’s nowhere near as painful as living the life you are living right now if you’re not really going for it!” – Jen Sincero

  • PH: 949-333-0057

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  1. Sharp as a tack with an excellent work ethic and a great sense of humor; what more can I say about Alicia? I whole-heartedly recommend Alicia as a reliable, resourceful, and people-savvy employee!

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