Name: Colette Few
Title: Search Executive - C.S.E.
Phone: 972-643-8848


Hello. My name is Colette. As your IT recruiter, my dedication is to work relentlessly at creating a culture of success for my candidates and clients. My mission is to have a tireless work ethic in producing consistent results in a quick and efficient manner. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals by maintaining clear communication throughout the entire process. Outside of continuing my experience and personal growth, I enjoy outdoorsy hobbies. I love to hike, bike and especially go geocaching.

  • PH: 972-643-8848


  1. Rachel

    Colette worked with me to find a new position in the IT learning industry. She was extremely professional and personable, and I enjoyed working with her very much. She helped me find a position that was very different from anything that I had done before, but yet still fit my skill set and interests. She worked with me to make sure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me, and helped me to get a great salary and benefits package. I would use her again without a doubt.

  2. Jennifer

    Colette is a rare gem in the world of recruiters. When I first spoke with her, I told her my time frame on when I would be looking to move to a new job. Colette never pressured or pushed. She took time to speak with me, ask questions that other recruiters never seemed interested in, and actually got to know me and learn what type of company I would enjoy working for. Colette warned me that she would not call me for an opportunity unless she knew it was a good fit for me. She did exactly that! The first place she set me up to interview with met all the criteria I requested of her. Colette was extremely helpful through the interview and hiring process, and always quick to respond to calls or emails. I appreciate all she has done to make the process of moving to a new company as painless as possible. I would highly recommend Colette!

  3. Carlos

    My experience with Colette was stress-free from the beginning.
    She guided me through the whole process and it was everything I expected.
    I have already referred some of my friends to her.
    A pleasure to work with, highly recommended!

  4. Brennan

    Reading all of the wonderful comments about Collette I am not sure what to add except to confirm that they are ALL TRUE!

    Like so many, I found myself back in the pool looking for employment. I had explored other recruiters and was left feeling like a number. I would get a call when convenient for them, but silence or phone tag when I would request follow up. All that changed when I found Collette.

    She made my search a priority to her. I was kept “in the loop” with frequent communication. Her professionalism and work ethic was incredible! She worked tirelessly, going the extra mile, even reaching out to me on a Saturday. She has an inviting personality and paid close attention to my questions and concerns. There was never a time when I couldn’t reach her. Best of all, before each interview, she would call to provide information about the employer, interviewing tips, and a pep talk. Before it was over, I stopped thinking of her as a recruiter and began thinking of her as someone who cares.

    Thank you Collette! I am happy to refer others to you with no reservations.
    …oh, and the movie was great (inside joke) 

  5. Eugene

    Colette was a true professional and did an amazing job for me. I especially appreciate her attention to details and timely feedback. I also want to mention that she was patient and cordial always.

  6. Ruthann

    Colette is the best recruiter ever! I am amazed by the speed at which she worked to secure a great job and company fit for my needs and wants. Other strong points are her communication skills, keeping me informed of progress, as well as her expert counsel.

  7. Mel

    What can I say about Colette?! Well her last name just sums it up..FEW! There are few recruiters out there that will go an extra mile, but she does. Ever so passionate about those she represents and hardworking. A complete breath of fresh air. Her energy is quite contagious at times when you just want to throw in the towel, she comes in with her bubbly personality pushing you to see the recruitment process till the end. Boy does it pay off! She helped me to cultivate the next step in my career and for that I am grateful. I highly recommend Colette, her work ethic and personality are unmatched!

  8. Timothy

    Colette is amazing! She made the job hunt process easier and more enjoyable than I could have hoped for. I described to Colette my ideal workplace environment and my career goals, and within three weeks I had accepted an offer for a job that fit all of my preferences, including position, culture, location, and compensation. During the process, she kept in touch with me on a regular basis to provide guidance and helpful advice and to answer all of my questions. It was obvious she cares about the people she deals with and is enthusiastic about finding great matches between companies and employees. Now that I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colette, I will recommend her to anyone seeking employment!

  9. Chace

    After being involved in two back to back layoffs, you could say I was having a rough six months. I came across Colette on LinkedIn and she was immediately on the prowl for me. The best part is that she didn’t shark around for “just another job” like some of the other recruiters I have dealt with in the past. She questioned me on what was important and what I wanted in an ideal workplace and she did not disappoint. Within a very short time period, Colette was able to find me an absolutely stellar job in which not only will I benefit from the pay, employee benefits like healthcare and retirement, and awesome coworkers, but also one where I and the employer compliment each other in a way where we will benefit each other years into my future there. She was always happy to talk and help me along, and was incredibly responsive (even if she happened to be out of office!). I highly recommend her, your employment and job satisfaction are her number one priority.

  10. Scott

    I have worked with many IT recruiters in my career. Few of them I have dealt with have seemed genuinely concerned about what was best for me, usually being more concerned with putting a butt in the seat and getting credit for it.

    Colette, I am happy to say, does not fall in that category. She always called with a smile in her voice, making sure I had all of my questions answered and bringing me up to speed on the proceedings. When there was a situation where I did not have the particular information I needed she was quick to resolve the issue.

    The most important thing I can say about Colette is that you can trust her. Sometimes us IT folk move great distances for our careers, and that can be nerve racking. We get concerned about if we are making the right decision to go to the right place. You can trust Colette to help you make that right decision.

    Thank you, Colette.

  11. Daniel

    Colette did an excellent job helping me find the next step in my career. She was a pleasure to work with and, unlike other recruiters, she never employed high pressure tactics. She offered me sound, even handed advice. I highly recommend Colette to anyone who’s looking to move forward in their career.

  12. Loc

    Colette has done a fantastic job assisting me in my job search. She was absolutely wonderful in her efforts to match me up with the right job. There was great communication at every step of the process and I felt that she truly cared about helping me move forward in a new position. I highly recommend Colette to anyone that is looking for a new job.

  13. Jason

    Colette was great to work with. She took the time to figure out exactly what my experience was and found an opportunity that was a really good fit for me. She also checked in with me and gave me continuous updates throughout the interview process so that I was always prepared. I would definitely have her as my recruiter again whenever I find myself looking for a new opportunity.

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