Name: Katherine Wagley
Title: Search Executive - C.S.E.
Phone: 972-643-8848


Everyone has goals and aspirations. For some, it’s to land that dream job. For others it is to get all the key people in place to have a successful business.

Mine? My goal is to help you achieve yours. Together we can find the best job, or team member that suits you.
I make the same promise to you I made to the United States Air Force 6 years ago..
I will never falter and I will not fail.

Outside of Camden you can find me two stepping at any of the closest honkytonks, down in the Stockyards, or spending time with my family and friends.
I can’t wait to work with you!

  • PH: 972-643-8848


  1. Jonathan

    I’ve had a couple experiences with recruiting agencies and up until I met Kat, I’ve had really bad experiences. I could tell that I wasn’t just some number or paycheck. She has a genuine interest in helping you find prospective employers and nailing the interview.

    One of the best things is that she is quick to find information. It’s always nerve-racking to finish up an interview and not hear anything back for days. Kat was always gathering insider info to get me some answers asap.

    Needless to say, I got the job and that’s all thanks to Kat!

  2. Rinu

    Kat was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter she maintained a high professionalism and was very friendly to work with and she found me the perfect job instantly. I could not recommend Kat more highly.

  3. Justin

    Kat was persistent not only in trying to get our business, but she used that same drive to get the qualified candidates we needed. Most times a sales person will work hard just to get the requisition but Kat and her team went above and beyond the competition on their first placement. Kat took time to understand our technical environment and identify candidates that would fit us and vice versa.

    I am very impressed with Camden Kelly and glad that I returned Kat’s call.

  4. Clayton

    Working with Kat was wonderful! She ensured that we had all of the information that we needed, helped pre-screen our applicants, and did great on communication between us and the applicants.

    We were able to find some great people though this relationship and we plan on contacting her as soon as we get another opening that needs to be filled.

  5. M.P.

    Kat really took care of me. She helped find me not just a job, but a home. You won’t go wrong working with Kat.

  6. Ben

    Kat is one cool cat!

  7. Ganawa

    Kat is one-of-a-kind. I’ve never enjoyed the job hunting process, it was always tiresome and at some points extremely stressful to me. After my first conversation with Kat, my entire mindset changed.

    She first contacted me for a tech position. From the start, Kat was extremely personable, kind, relatable, honest and above all was very responsive. She was able to answer all my questions, any concerns I had, and I never felt like I was wasting my time.

    She was able to prepare me for my interviews, by highlighting my strong points in my resume, and understanding what the company was looking for. She was very quick about speaking to the company and relaying information back to me. Never once did I feel like I was being dragged along, like some other recruiters I have dealt with.

    Because of her extraordinary help during this process, I was hired at the company doing something I really love. Like I said, Kat is one-of-a-kind, and I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone seeking a position through Camden & Kelly.

  8. Jennifer

    Kat contacted me for a position with a small nonprofit, and from the very start she was both efficient and effective. While the process of interviewing is difficult at best, Kat made that process so much easier with her professionalism and her ability to help me get set up for the new position as quickly as possible. She answered questions, relayed information to the new organization, and was incredibly supportive throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her and Camden Kelly to anyone looking to get hired and get hired quickly.

  9. Sean

    The process of finding new and exciting opportunities can be a bit overwhelming at times. With Kat, though, it was nothing but rainbows and unicorns.

    She was able to align what I was looking for in a structured and professional manner while also providing a sense of humor and personality. Obviously, for anyone who has been in this industry for a while, this was a breathe of fresh air.

    Not only did she set me up with the exact types of companies I was looking for, she also made the process a breeze.

    Between her professionalism and the personable rapport, I would definitely recommend her and Camden Kelly to anyone looking to advance their career.

  10. Shiraz

    I had the pleasure of working with Kat while searching for a new opportunity.
    She quickly identified my marketable skills and took the time to filter and only send me positions that lined up with my skills and other criteria.
    She followed up regularly and within a couple of weeks she was negotiating a salary and starting date for me.
    I had not searched for opportunities for a long time and she clearly advised me well on the various things to do to get a favorable outcome.
    She did a great job and I would definitely refers my friends to her

  11. Manisha

    I worked with Kat to find an opportunity in the Big Data Analytics area. Kat was amazing from the very beginning in the details and the focus she put to help me. She went to great lengths in understanding my background and requirements and to find a perfect opportunity that suits my needs.
    She was very proactive in following up during all phases of the interview process and gave some very good tips in the process. Since I was in the job market after a very long time, her advice really helped me through the interviewing process. She also provided timely updates and kept me well informed of the employer’s status and requirements. Finally, she helped me land a great opportunity that exceeded my expectations in a very short time.
    I was very happy to have worked with Kat and would highly recommend her as a recruiter.

  12. Todd

    As a software developer and business owner, I’ve had experiences with both sides of the recruiting table. In my 16 years of experience, I’ve learned something about the recruiting business: I despise recruiters. As a business owner, I find I have no time to sift through mountains of resumes looking for the diamond in the rough, yet so many recruiting firms leave me with just that. To so many, it’s nothing more than a numbers where they take your requirements, build a resume filter, and run a search of databases without taking into account who you are as a company.

    Camden Kelly is different.

    My experience with Camden Kelly and specifically Kat Wagley has been positive from our first interaction. She took the time to get to know our company, our needs, and, most importantly, our culture. In my opinion, the two most important metrics of using a recruitment firm are the amount of resumes sent vs number of interviews held (indicating quality of resumes) and frequency of resumes sent (indicating respect for our time as business owners). Camden Kelly took the time to pre-filter the resumes so I’m not inundated with tens of resumes per day and the ones sent were the quality expected. Over the course of 6 weeks, I received only hand-picked candidates. Roughly 70% resulted in interviews and of those, I would have loved to have been able to hire 75%. This is a strong indicator that Camden Kelly “gets” us. We hired one, are working on a second, and are excited for our next opportunity to work with Camden Kelly.

    In all my years working with recruiters, I would never have expected to find a firm I considered a PARTNER as opposed to just another recruiting service, but that’s how I feel about Camden Kelly. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking to hire the “right” employee.

  13. Chris

    I got in touch with Kat and our first conversation was one of the easiest, most natural conversations I’ve had with any recruiter. She is incredibly easy to get along with and very kind. She made my experience much more fun than I ever expected.

    A lot of us tend to not like the process of finding a job and interviewing, however with Kat all of that seemed like a breeze. She was always there to help answer any questions and get me prepared for who I was meeting, what they were like, why it was important etc. She never faltered. She helped give me confidence and strength before each step in getting me a job. I ended up landing a position that I am very excited about that meets all of the needs and desires that I have personally.

    After getting to know Kat, I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone that is looking for a not just a recruiter, but a friend. She is someone that genuinely cares, is truly interested in you, and works hard for the best outcome. Flat out, Kat is a 10 out of 10 as they say :)

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