Name: Katy M. Imhoff
Title: Regional Manager - C.S.E.
Phone: 972-643-8848

Katy Imhoff Camden Kelly Corporation

Hi, I’m Katy. I’ve built relationships with hundreds of organizations and thousands of IT Professionals over the years. Specializing in Software, Web and Web Application Development, I’ve been able to assist IT Professionals and organizations ranging from start-ups to fortune 100 companies, find a new family or new family member.

  • PH: 972-643-8848


  1. Ryan F

    Katy found us an amazing remote engineer. She doesn’t send a ton of candidates our way but when she does they are very high quality, which is appreciated by our team so we can spend time working on our product rather than interviewing tons of candidates.

  2. Jerome

    Katy is an amazing recruiter!

    She is extremely easy to work with, attentive to detail, and very knowledgable about the industry. Of all the recruiters I’ve interacted with, Katy stands out as someone who’s a real advocate for you as a candidate. She will take the time to learn about you as an individual, and use that knowledge to connect you with great opportunities that you will be genuinely excited about!

    Katy is definitely someone you want in your corner, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to make their next career move.

  3. Fernando

    Katy was a pleasure to work with. She approached me with an opportunity that was a perfect fit at a great organization.

    Throughout the process she was an advocate for my needs in a new position and really helped to communicate expectations both ways. I’d definitely recommend her to other candidates. I plan to pass some colleagues her information for their own job searches.

  4. Linda

    I get over 20 emails a day from recruiters, that is almost 100 per week. I try to reply to each, but most are just spamming the same position to everyone they know. When Katy’s request for a position she thought I might be interested in came through, honestly I didn’t give it much thought, assumed it wasn’t a right fit, and gave one of my canned responses. Katy followed up again with more information and asking what I was interested in. I could tell in her response that she was not like the other recruiters. I was traveling, responding over my phone, but Katy was patient and got me on the phone to explain the company and position. Katy took the time to get to know ME, and could tell this company had the culture and spirit I was looking for. And the company focused in an area I was passionate about but didn’t get to work in as much as I liked. When we realized the position was below my career level, I thought this opportunity was over as I couldn’t go backwards in my career. Katy then talked with the company explained I was at a higher level, but the right fit for the company overall and convinced them and me to talk on the phone anyways. I didn’t have high hopes for the call quite honestly, but Katy’s instincts were right, their companies culture and business acumen was the right fit for me. Katy helped work out a position that would keep me at my same level but still be new value to the company.

    Katy is sincere, open, easy to talk to, has empathy and great listening skills. Very easy to open up to, but more importantly, has the ability to sometimes see what you might not be seeing in yourself and how the company can benefit by your uniqueness, and you by having the passion back in your career.

    I have never been happier with a recruiter. Matter of fact I think the term recruiter is the wrong term to describe her. More like a corporate advisor and career counselor.

  5. Javier

    When I first started talking to Katy I wasn’t sure I was ready to make the move. As we explored various options and positions she drilled down to exactly what I’ve been looking for. Instead of throwing me just random opportunities Katy only presented me with those which she knew I would full heartedly pursue.

    That was only the very beginning​. From there things just got better. I had a lot of conditions due to my specific situation. I was able to speak to her honestly and upfront. She then would use that information to help prepare both me and the potential employer further in the process. This made the entire process painless. I might even say enjoyable. With everything on the table, myself and the employer’s hiring personnel were able to focus on how we fit instead of negotiations and caveats.

    Overall Katy was the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She was there through every step of the way. She made a process that terrifies most into a walk in the park.

  6. Sid

    These reviews are right on. Katy understands you and finds a work environment appropriate for not only your skill set but your work aptitude.

    She wants you to succeed, she is kind, she is clear, and handles your business professionally and courteously.

    Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill recruiter. Get in touch with Katy and gain a trusted partner who has your best interests in mind, and who knows how to manifest those interests into something tangible.

    Trust me, you want Katy Imhoff in your corner!

    Happily employed,


  7. Matthew

    Katy works hard to find a best fit for both sides, and she doesn’t waste time. She got me a phone screen the day of our first phone call, on-site interview was scheduled the next day, and she had negotiated a very attractive offer for me one week after our first contact.

    She goes the extra mile to learn exactly what is important to you in a job and she has an incredible network of companies from her very successful career in recruiting. She really found the perfect fit for me and I couldn’t be happier at my new company. 10/10 would work with Camden Kelly and Katy again, and have already referred friends.

  8. Rekha

    Katy is the best! She took the time to learn my skills and needs and stays on top of everything at every step. She does not look for anything other than what’s best for the candidate. I know I am in good hands when I have Katy as the recruiter. I would recommend Katy to everyone.

  9. Matt

    I feel blessed to have had Katy as an ally the last couple months as I looked for a junior developer position. She’s remarkably good at what she does, and her dedication to finding me the right position took a lot of stress out of the job hunt. As recruiters go, she is the crème de la crème. Thanks Katy!

  10. Brett

    I’ve been in software development for 10 years, and this is the first time I’ve ever used a recruiter. While there might be plenty of horror stories out there about recruiters, working with Katy was by far the best decision I’ve made career wise.

    She took the time to learn what my skills were, what I’m looking for, and found an absolutely amazing company I’m happy to be a part of; all in the span of 3 weeks.

    I’m extremely happy with how things went, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a position; or looking to hire someone.

  11. Doug

    I talked to maybe three dozen technical recruiters over a course of a month. Katy was the only one who started our conversation with, “What are YOU looking for?”

    And she must be part bloodhound; using some sort of LinkedIn search voodoo that she really should patent, Katy found me for a job I can only call perfect.

    Exchanged emails on Friday, talked on the phone Sunday, interviewed on Monday and had an offer (at my high-end salary request) two hours later.

    If that isn’t the mark of a recruiting professional, I don’t know what is. I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more.

  12. George

    Katy is simply amazing. Nearly two years prior, I concluded my last contract for her and took a full-time position with the industry’s largest cloud provider. I’m not sure I ever thanked her for helping me land that position — her feedback and guidance was spot on.

    What I didn’t realize at the time was that Katy would remember our discussions, remember my goals, remember what I was looking for in an employer. I was surprised when she called me just a couple of months ago to say she had a position for which she thought I would be a good fit.

    And then she connected me to the most incredible company. They hired me very soon after my second interview.

    Think about that.

    Two years hence, Katy remembered not only my name, but also that my personality, skills, work ethic, and goals were a good match for this company. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing will.

    It is unusual to find someone so diligent, thorough, thoughtful, and professional — she is a rare resource to have in your back pocket. It’s been my experience that employers trust her judgment to a large degree — being recommended by her has been my foot in the door to many contracting jobs as well as the full-time position I hold currently.

    If you’re looking for “just another job” to pass the time…well…I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck.

    But if you’re looking for something that keeps you awake at night with excitement, has you waking up before the alarm in the morning — if that’s the job you’re after — you owe it to yourself to give Katy a call.

  13. Anthony

    Katy is truly amazing. She is the only recruiter who has taken the time to learn our culture and ensure all the candidates she sends over fits within our culture and our needs. I’m consistently amazed at her dedication. I work so closely with Katy and she is so dedicated to our company that I consider her a member of our team.

  14. Scott

    This IS the recruiter you’re looking for. For the brief time it took her to find my new job, Katy showed the very best professionalism, energy, and hard work. She’s really the queen of the follow-up, making sure both lines of communication remain active and seeing it through to the end. She found the perfect fit for me, then followed up by negotiating the very salary I was requesting. I’ve already started recommending her for my friends/colleagues looking for a better job, and my new boss swears by her.

    5 stars, would recommend.

  15. Jason

    Working with Katy and the whole Camden Kelly team was a terrific experience. I can’t say I was the easiest person to place as I was being very picky about the environment and the location that I was looking for. Katy did an excellent job finding an great fit for me. I would recommend Camden Kelly to anyone searching for a job and Katy in particular for being able to get to know the people she is working with and matching them up with employers.

  16. Joe

    We had experienced a situation where a key staff member unexpectedly departed from our company. There was pressure to fill the void, as quickly as possible. I chose Katy to not just find a person to fill the vacated position, but to lessen my search time and find the exact best person to join our team. Katy was able to quickly identify good candidates and the exact one to fit our position and company needs. I am happy with her quick response, enthusiasm and the high quality of candidates supplied.

  17. Aaron

    I don’t like recruiters, but I like Katy. She’s terrific and I don’t actively avoid answering phone calls from her. It helps that she doesn’t call me every time she needs to fill some role, but only when there’s a role I might actually like. She’s a wonderful human being. 10/10.

  18. Jose

    Katy went above and beyond my expectations. After dealing with a dozen or so other recruiters who simply gave up after a few attempts, Katy persisted and continued to try to help me. She eventually found the perfect company for me, and I cannot recommend her enough.

  19. Moe

    Katy is the 1st recruiter I have ever worked with, so I didnt know what to expect and I initially just kind of took our initial call seriously as I was somewhat distracted with work. However once we spoke, I could tell that she was passionate about making sure that I find a company fits my skills and what I was trying to accomplish. In a few days she found a position that fit my skill level and had me set up for an initial interview. A week later she was calling me with exciting news that I had a new career with an exciting company. She was soooo easy to work with; provided excellent communication throughout the process, and was able to negotiate a salary I was extremely satisfied with. She is the greatest!!!!! Thank you Katy, you are truly the best recruiter and I will highly recommend anyone to you :)

  20. Brad

    I have worked with many employment agencies over the years, and I was rarely happy with the results. The applicants I was being sent were not what I was asking for, and their qualifications were always suspect. It took many, many interviews to find the right people. Honestly, I dreaded the process. Then, I received an unsolicited mailing from Camden Kelly. It must have hit at the right time because I gave them a call. I was immediately connected to Katy. I provided her a very detailed list of job requirements, and she followed up by asking the important followup questions I was expecting. Once the formalities were out of the way, I immediately had multiple applicants to interview. The first thing I noticed was the applicants were right on target with the job descriptions I provided, and their qualifications were as well. I have been working with Katy a few months now, and I could not be happier.

  21. Darin

    For job hunting needs there really is no one like Katy that I’ve ever worked with. She took more time to know me and my skill set and my wants and matched me with some really great opportunities. Even when I doubted certain choices based on the company’s job description they turned out to be exactly right and Katy knew it. I have already started sending people her way because it doesn’t get any better than what she does. She is special.

  22. Doug

    Katy is a rockstar! After simultaneously working with a number of recruiters, we ultimately handed our business to Katy and never looked back. She brought us one of our best engineers, for which I am forever grateful. More importantly, however, Katy earned our loyalty by making good on a problem we encountered early on with our first hire. Katy and Camden Kelly showed their true colors in the face of adversity by resolving the problem with our interests in mind. I know that we can always trust Camden Kelly with our recruiting needs and, therefore, we now use them as our sole provider.

  23. Patrick

    Katy has provided solutions and candidates for our rapidly growing company. At our most challenging moment, she worked beyond her obligation as a recruiter to fill our developer need. Katy has proven to be a partner to our organization, not just a recruiter.

  24. David

    Katy did a great job, particularly finding a company that is a great fit for my experience. The entire process was very smooth and she was able to get what I was asking for. Thank you Katy!

  25. Geoff

    Katy has been great to work with and I would highly recommend her! She took the time to understand our hiring needs, helped us through a few bumps in the road, and offered great advice . She was honest, fair, flexible, and extremely attentive during our hiring process, and we plan to continue to use her in the future!

  26. Adam

    I have only worked with Katy for a short period of time but in that time she has produced great candidates for our company. She has been a blessing to work with and communicates very well with myself and my team. I have worked with other agency recruiters before and I can truly say that she is by far one of the best, she is a true asset to any team!!

  27. Carl

    Katy was awesome to work with. She provided us with outstanding candidates that met our needs exactly. When we decide to grow our team in the future, she will be the first we contact. Thanks for all of your hard work Katy.

  28. Jaser

    I can not explain how awesome Katy is. Katy is not only an excellent recruiter, but a go to person for great advice. She has been extremely helpful, understanding and an important key role in my process. I have worked with plenty of recruiters and I can say that Katy has changed the game. Was my strongest advocate when setting up interviews negotiating the best situation for me. I have recommended her to several of my colleagues and I wish her continued success.

    If I am ever in the market again, I know exactly where to go.

  29. Mae

    Katy is a rare breed; when you’re looking for a new career, you want to work with someone that has your best interests at heart, and is really good at matching a recruit to a company.

    Katy is also very personable, so I felt comfortable being honest about what I could offer, and what I wanted in a career. She took that and interpreted it into a wonderful career match for me, at a company that appreciates me. She has truly set me up for success on the career path that I’ve chosen, and it’s all because she’s good at what she does and HOW she does it.

  30. Phillip

    I’ve had a great experience working with Katy to find qualified candidates with the right personality we look for. She’s persistent, listens to feedback and delivers. I recommend Katy to help find great employees.

  31. Justin

    In terms of what you want to see in a recruiter, Katy meets all the criteria I care about. She listens to what you have to say and works diligently to meet your needs, as well as trying to effectively “matchmake” your personality and skills with companies. I spent probably less than a week on the market, and she found me 3 interviews with exciting companies that offered competitive employment offers. So like an eBay comment, “A+ would recruit through again.”

  32. Jarrod

    Katy’s strategy throughout our process invoked all of the traits and qualities for professional engagement as well as a set of genuine down-to-earth people skills. Every conversation was productive and thought provoking. I felt like my career path was in good hands after our initial contact. Katy stands out, among the rest, for her expert knowledge of the technology industry’s climate changes and workforce. She was able connect me with a perfect fit, given my extensive list of requirements. This was a completly different experience than I had prior to working with her. I highly recommend a conversation, at the very least. I have no regrets, and remain grateful for the patience, sincerity, and generosity demonstrated through the process.
    Katy was truly awesome to work with.

  33. Christopher

    Katy is the best!

    That might sound like hyperbole, but she is like no other recruiter that I have ever worked with. She really takes the time to get to know you as a person, not just a resume and a payday as many others do. And she invests the time to really try to find a good overall match (not just based on technical requirements) for you before even discussing what is available.

    I recently moved to Dallas, and during the time that other recruiters did the usual shotgun blast of tech term matching (that leads to many positions that are barely a fit for your talents, much less your personality), Katy did her homework and presented me with two openings that she saw as potential opportunities for my long term success.

    The first while a close fit, did not offer quite the mix I was looking for. Not to be deterred in the slightest, Katy listened to my concerns and in a week, did further research and found me the perfect environment to not only showcase my skills, but also collaborate with people who are the kind of people I truly enjoy working with (which, since one often spends more waking hours with coworkers than family, is VERY important in my opinion!)

    And unlike most people in her field, Katy doesn’t consider her job done once the position is accepted. She went the extra mile in making sure I had all the necessary documents for my first day, provided me with copious advice on benefits, future job strategy, alternate ways to get to the job site via car or public transportation, and generally made sure that I was not simply prepared to go to work, but would actually be happy and successful in my new position.

    I can not thank or recommend Katy enough – far from being hyperbole, she REALLY is the best!

  34. Sung

    She was helpful. I received all the benefits and the salary I asked for and some.

    Thank you

  35. Hank

    Katy is an excellent recruiter. She is fantastic to work with, professional and very passionate about bringing the right candidates to the table. Candidates that meet the technical requirements and fit the organizational culture.

    Thanks Katy for all your help.

  36. Bobby

    I wasn’t looking for a job, just considering it. Katy showed up in my inbox. She setup a call, filled me out for my experience and needs. The very next day we had an phone interview with my future employer lined up for day two. Less than 7 days from the first phone call with Katy, I had a great position, exactly what I needed. I work in a family environment now, Katy was able to negotiate exactly what I asked for. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Katy!

  37. Barry

    I have worked with Katy over the last 2 1/2 years. She has consistently provided me with candidates for our IT Staffing needs. She has an effervescent communication style that always helps to make an already tough responsibility easier.

  38. Will

    First, don’t think of Katy as a recruiter but more as an opportunity broker. She has a vast network of solid relationships that will align you with your goals, quickly. Her professionalism and genial personality are unparalleled. I wish I knew of her years ago. I could go on but I’d only be repeating what others have already stated. Thank you Katy!!!

  39. Todd

    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

    Needed A+ talent overnight.

    And you delivered.

    Big time.

    Love my new guys.

  40. Mark

    Katy has been a pleasure to work with. I appreciate her persistence, candor and spunk! I look forward to working with her again in the future.

  41. Daniel

    Attention to detail is just one of the things that sets Katy so far apart from any other recruiter that I’ve ever worked with in my career. I don’t even want to call her a ‘recruiter’…she’s more like a career partner.

    Katy invested a lot of time up front to get a clear understanding of what I was after. She kept in constant communication with me during the process. Never once did she ‘pitch’ me jobs or make me feel like a commodity. This was truly a boutique experience and one that I would highly recommend to any IT professional serious about their career. Katy took her time in finding me the perfect fit.

    Trust me…give Katy a call and you’ll be glad you did.

  42. Bob

    What sets Katy apart from her peers is that she is looking out for your best interests. Katy wants to know what you are looking for in a new opportunity and what you want to avoid. Taking the time to get to know me and where I am headed made a huge difference in my career move. I definitely landed in the best place for me, thanks to Katy!

  43. Trisha

    I’ve only worked with Katy for a short time, but she’s my go to recruiter when I need help. Not only does she take the time to understand our very unique culture and job requirements, but she also only presents candidates who meet those needs. Unlike other recruiters, she doesn’t try to push candidates who would not be successful. The developer she placed with us is thriving!

  44. Doug

    Katy is extremely knowledgeable in many aspect of technical recruitment revolving around the Microsoft Stack and beyond. What was unusual about Katy’s approach was her willingness to listen and understand my needs before she started recommended potential opportunities.

  45. Marc

    Katy brought excellent candidates to the table. It helped our hiring process go much faster. Kudos to Katy.

  46. Yan

    Katy is a very professional recruiter. My prior job was in Florida, but I planed to find a job in Dallas because of family reasons. Katy contacted me and understood my requirements. Then she quickly helped me schedule a remote interview for a company in Dallas. I passed the interview and got the offer the same day. Katy really gave me a lot of help before and after interview. Thanks Katy for all your help.

  47. Tony

    Katy was able to successfully fill a Sr. Application Developer position by providing a strong pool of professional candidates in a competitive marketplace. She showed strong determination and follow through. Thank you.

  48. Jin

    I was looking a position couple months ago when Katy got ahold of me. She asked me a few questions regarding what I want in my next job and understanding the requirements of the position that I applied for. Within a day, she scheduled me an interview and I got hired within that day. Katy was professional, patience and really cares for what I wanted. Thanks Katy!

  49. Kassie

    Katy has been a huge part in getting candidates in our door and moving forward with our interview process. She always has candidates in the pipeline when I give her a call, even after a few months of not hiring – she knows exactly who she will be sending over to be considered for the position. For me personally, she has made my job tremendously easier and follows up with me (until she gets a hold of me) to determine the next steps. With that said, you can tell she truly cares about her candidates and wants to give them the best and honest information as she can. In all, she has been a wonderful person to work with and I can’t imagine working with anyone else to get new team members on board.

  50. Nichole

    Katy has been a joy to work with. She has been instrumental in helping us build our team of developers. She listens, endeavors to understand and has identified several great candidates – one of which just started. I highly recommend her.

  51. Brandon

    I randomly decided to look for jobs one day out of the blue and that’s when I got in touch with Katy. She asked me a few questions to get an understanding of what I was looking for. Within a couple weeks, I had a call back from her saying she found something that fits the bill. She set up the interviews, gave me documentation to help with said interviews, regularly called the employer to see how things went, made sure both parties were happy with pay etc. The whole experience was smooth and before I knew it I was offered the job. I encourage ANYONE who is considering a new opportunity to talk to Katy. She will do everything in her power to make sure you find what your looking for!

  52. Jeremy

    Katy is professional, patient and attentive to feedback on candidates. Katy helped us end a 5 month search for a new developer. She was a pleasure to work with. In addition, I just reached out to her again for more help finding resources. Thanks Katy!

  53. David

    When we began our search, we met with three recruiting firms. We explained in detail the skill set that was required for the positions we needed to fill.

    Once we started getting resumes, conducting phone screens and interviews, we quickly realized all the qualified applicants were coming from Katy at Camden Kelly. Katy really listens to your needs and only refer candidates that match your requirements.

    Aside from the cost the recruiting firm charges, you need to consider your time when interviewing potential applicants. That is where I feel Katy can really save you some money.

  54. Greg

    Katy has been an absolute delight to work with. I always felt like she had my back and was working diligently to find a position that fit me. She spent a lot of time finding out what I wanted from a future employer and then set off to find me just that. Because of her I was able to land an amazing job doing what I am passionate about.

    I have worked with plenty of recruiters in the past and I can say that Katy is the cream of the crop. She always returned my calls quickly and was my strongest advocate when setting up interviews. I have recommended her to several of my colleagues and I wish her continued success.

  55. Jonathan

    It was a pleasure working with Katy. I was very impressed with her knowledge of .NET and the technologies that go with it. She took extra time to coach me before interviews and provided excellent follow up and feedback after the interviews.

  56. David

    Katy was absolutely great to work with. Within a few hours she had several interviews lined up. She’s interested in finding the right fit and in placing people in positions where they will be happy.

  57. Chad

    Katy has been awesome while working with me on finding a really great opportunity. She really spends time getting to know you, and is very responsive any time I ever needed to touch base with her. She is a real pleasure to work with.

  58. Pierce

    Working with Katy has been a pleasure, and will continue to be. She’s a passionate recruiter who understands her field and tells it like it is, which is a quality that sets her apart from every other recruiter I’ve ever worked with. She understands the true value of a developer, and doesn’t accept a lowball offer laying down. If I had to pick any one thing that I appreciate the most about Katy, it’s that she is an extremely good communicator. During my job search she and I communicated via email or phone call multiple times every day, and even after my job search has ended she made it a point to maintain open lines of communication.

    It has been a real treat to finally work with a recruiter who doesn’t spend their evenings moonlighting as a used car salesman. I am looking very forward to continuing our business relationship, as recruiters like Katy are unfortunately few and far between.

    Thank you, Katy!

  59. Charlie

    It is possible that I am the most picky client that Katy has ever had to work with – but she has consistently provided great applicants and remained positive and helpful no matter what demands are placed on her search.

    I would recommend Katy to anyone looking for a recruiter who understands the needs of the employer as well as the industry.

  60. Erik

    Upbeat, persistent, candid, funny, honest, great work ethic, people oriented, great judge of character; these are all qualities of a great recruiter, all qualities Katy poses to say the least. Her dedication to helping me further my career and find the best opportunity suited to my long term goal was a gift and truly appreciated.

    She breaks from the norm of other recruiters that just fling you at multiple job openings like spaghetti, hoping one will stick. She took the time to get to know me as a person and know my goals and used that knowledge to not only find me a good technical fit but a good cultural environment that will help me thrive in my career and personal goals.

    I would highly recommend Katy to fight for your career.

  61. Dean

    I worked with Katy for last 20 days and really enjoyed her kindness and her passion of helping people finding their dream job. I will recommend her to all my friends.
    Thanks Katy for all your help

  62. Claire

    Katy is an excellent recruiter. She helped us get a great software developer in 1 week. She is very professional and flexible to meet our business objectives.

  63. Shari

    Katy worked diligently to provide us with qualified candidates throughout our process. Although our requirements were difficult and we were working with several outside agencies, Katy helped us find the perfect candidate. She was great to work with and if we ever need to utilize another recruitment agency to supplement our efforts, I will be giving Katy a call!

  64. Sherrill

    Throughout a very intense process, Katy stuck with it and managed to get me an offer with a very exciting company. I have worked with many recruiters in the past but I have never worked with one who was as professional, thorough and attentive as Katy. I will be recommending her to all of my former colleagues and friends. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a great opportunity not just another job.

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