Name: Michelle Simer
Title: Branch Supervisor - C.S.E.
Phone: 972-643-8848


I’m here to help you succeed. With the same drive and determination that I strive towards in my professional and personal life, I will listen to your needs and accomplish whatever goals you have as if they were my own. When I’m not helping others, I enjoy a night in and good book, a night out on the town with live music, or doing anything active. I look forward to working with you & hope to assist you in your future endeavors.

  • PH: 972-643-8848


  1. Phong

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle when I successfully transitioned into a new role. Not only has she gone far and beyond in order to get me information in regards to my role, but she also has a limitless knowledge toolkit when it comes to interview preparation and compensation negotiation.

    Last but not least, Michelle’s work style makes the transition and job seeking seemingly effortless and her light personality takes the pressure off of making such an important decision. Having worked with Michelle from both sides of the desk, I would not hesitate to work with her again!

  2. Jim

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Michelle. She is upbeat, positive, and has been an absolute delight to work with.

    Job searching can be exhausting trying to keep up with everything. I always found Michelle to be extremely considerate and thoughtful, and she worked hard to find the best fit for me.

    I honestly felt like we were working together as partners, and it made everything easier to handle.

    If you’re on the search for your new gig or forever home, you’re in good hands with Michelle.

  3. Justin D

    Michelle was excellent, very diligent, and out for my best interest not to just fill a spot. Thank you so much Michelle, I look forward of the things to come.

  4. Mitch

    Michelle was absolutely wonderful to work with. Job hunting can be stressful, but Michelle has a way of putting you at ease. She is extremely personable and has an uncanny talent for finding the perfect match for your skill set. You can tell she enjoys her job, and that is exactly what you want in a recruiter. I’ll certainly be pointing others her way in the future.

  5. Daniel

    Michelle is my favorite person on this planet.

  6. Joseph

    When I decided to look for new opportunities in the tech field, countless recruiters contacted me including Michelle. She impressed me as smart, knowledgeable, thorough and very professional. She was able to navigate the available opportunities and found the best match for me. I had interview scheduled with a great company within a week and was offered a position the following week. Michelle is the best recruiter by far!

  7. Michael

    Michelle is an awesome IT Recruiter! Working with her was been one of the better experiences I have had with a recruiter. Michelle is very professional, organized, and easy to talk to; which is important when you are trying to find the next right job. I will definitely recommend Michelle and Camden Kelly to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.

  8. Lawrence

    I enjoyed working with Michelle very much. She is an excellent recruiter in term of professional and personable. She always finds the best opportunities in good company and matching my skill set. I really appreciate the effects and time she spent on me.

  9. Jonathan

    What Hal said.

    (seriously. I’m creative, but this guy took everything I would’ve said and made it 1000x better. His review [and, consequently, Michelle] is like stuffed crust pizza with cheese.. So take that image, and then multiply it a few times. That’s Michelle)

  10. Greg

    Michelle has been the most effective recruiter I’ve worked with. She found a position that was an excellent match for me and was very positive and supportive through the whole interview process and beyond. When a friend of mine recently started his own job search, Michelle was the first recruiter I recommended to him.

  11. Hal

    Michelle is an unsettlingly pleasant individual to work with. From the moment she reached out all the way past getting me an offer, she was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and honest; so much so that I’m pretty sure I’ve wandered into some sort of A-Team/Touched by an Angel/Early Edition wandering helper situation.

    Throughout the process, she was prompt to communicate, returning emails in minutes I didn’t expect an answer to for days.

    She kept my interests in mind, actually presenting a different offer to me than the one she originally contacted me about because she thought it’d be as good a fit, if not a better one. It was.

    She combines professionalism, sincerity, and casualness in a way that feels neither stiff nor overly familiar.

    She had answers and advice for all my questions and doubts. I don’t have an exact count of these for you, but if I went back and figured it out, I’d quickly run out of fingers.

    AND she was able to get to know me very quickly and took both my skills and my personality into account when working with me.

    Thanks to Michelle’s care, I have a feeling that I won’t be looking for a new job for years to come. Which is good, because I’m certain she’s riding off into the sunset, returning to her humble home, or reporting back to Della Reese, ready to help the next person who needs it.

  12. Matthew

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Michelle. She did her up-most to make me feel comfortable going through the interview process and was completely transparent with the communication.

    I truly feel like she did her absolute best to help me find a company that really matched me, both in culture/personality and in skill set. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

  13. Stephen

    I was most fortunate to have been referred to Michelle a couple of years back when I was searching for a new position. The friend who gave me her contact information proved their friendship yet again! Michelle is a consummate professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to those whom she serves. She knows business, our business, and knows what it takes to find just the right fit. Perhaps we need to find a better title for people like her … one which makes it clear how far superior are her efforts and knowledge. I always look forward to working with Michelle, and am this moment about to refer a close friend.

  14. Shahan

    First and Foremost, to set the record straight, you are in excellent hands when it comes to your career and clarity in job seeking when you are working with Michelle.

    Some background, Michelle began a hunt for a specific type of person to match a specific culture and for that person to passionately become an asset to a specific company they will join. The vision was clear however the path ahead laid barren with obstacles. From this she was not only able to produce myself as a candidate but multiple number of my colleagues whom have exponentially enhanced the working environment I have joined.

    My Experience:

    Prior to writing this comment, I waited a total 2-month period to see whether all items discussed were a reality and what the total process would entail when working with Michelle. Not only were her responses technical but immediate and understanding. She has an innate ability to understand the candidate’s wants and also the company’s needs while finding a middle ground towards success. An invaluable trait in a career advisor/recruiter.

    To conclude my comment, not only did Michelle exonerate professionalism in her actions, you can see the passion in her work ethic. Everything I was told about the new opportunity was 100% accurate and it was an absolute pleasure working with Michelle. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a serious career opportunity and is passionate about their work.

  15. T. Nichole

    Michelle is, hands-down, the best recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Talking with her was more like talking to a friend than anything. She has such a gift for communication, paired beautifully with a true passion for matching clients with the best roles. I can’t say enough good things about her, & don’t have a single complaint. If you get the chance to work with her, consider yourself lucky. She’s awesome.

  16. Jordi

    Recently I’ve had the pleasure to work with Michelle since I was looking for a job. She contacted me via LinkedIn and from the first moment I knew she was not the typical recruiter.

    I’ve dealt with many bad/nasty/rude recruiters in the last few weeks, but she’s been nothing but great. Also fun and caring. She really took my requests/needs as if they were her own.

    I will definitely contact her again in the future if I need to look for a job.

  17. John

    Michelle is a rare person in the recruiting field. She is outgoing, up front and actually responds to inquiries. I look forward to staying connected with her and when I’m back in the market, Michelle will be one of the first I reach out to for help.

    Thank you Michelle :)

  18. Benet

    Michelle was a breath of fresh air. She is NOT the typical recruiter. Michelle has been honest and upfront since I first starting working with her. She has been professional and courteous. The most amazing thing is she actually does what she says she is going to do. If she says she will call you back with an update she will. I personally have referred all my IT friends to her. The whole process was made smoother with her. I appreciate her for all her hard work and dedication.

  19. John

    Michelle is tenacious! She patiently listened to what makes me tick, uncovering the kind of mission I’m on and what I’m passionate about. She matched me with a phenomenal opportunity for the next step in my career. I’m excited for this next stage of my life and I can’t thank Michelle enough for her connections and contributions. Thanks Michelle!

  20. Leonardo

    Michelle was amazing in finding me a new position, fast, professional and responsible. Great communications skills, provided me with all the information I asked every time. She was available every time I needed. Handled everything with perfect timing and coordinated everything for me.
    Could not be more happy!

  21. Joe

    Michelle was fantastic at helping me land my dream job! I got a call from her the following day after submitting my resume. She matched me with the perfect job based on my needs, experience, and goals. Not only that, but she was also very professional while doing so. She respected my job schedule unlike other recruiters who would call me on my work phone when I didn’t answer my personal phone.

    Before going to my interview, she went above and beyond to help me prepare for them. After the interview, she was quick at reaching out to me for updates. In the end, she did the impossible to negotiate the best deal for the job which I gladly accepted!

    In conclusion, it was a pleasure working with Michelle. She is a great recruiter so any job seekers out there, give Michelle a call! 😀

  22. MK

    I have been approached by recruiters multiple times in the past. Most of them couldn’t communicate well and did not really grasp the differences between programming languages. If you work with PHP you will do just fine with Perl, right? It got to the point that I just gave up on recruiters in general. This is where Michelle came in and changed my mind. From day one I could tell that she is different. She not only was able to communicate well but she also made the whole experience very personal. It felt as if I was talking to a friend that I have known for a long time. She called daily with updates, but was respectful of my current job schedule and did not reach out to me during work hours. Within the first week I already had several opportunities lined up. She took care of everything and made sure that the interview process was smooth for me and worked around my schedule and not the other way around. My case ended up being different than most she has had to deal with and yet she didn’t quit, went above and beyond, and made everything possible for me to find my new job. If I ever need to find another job I will definitely contact her again. You should too!

  23. Ravi

    Michelle was great to work with. She works diligently to set you up with the best opportunities.

  24. Eric

    Working with Michelle was a true pleasure. She was so helpful and worked hard to keep me informed and engaged throughout the interviewing process. She was ready to answer most questions and she always followed up on additional information that was needed.

    She is a true professional and worked hard to get all of my requirements for an offer met. I look forward to working with her in the future if needed.

  25. Trevor

    Michelle made finding a new place to work easy and fun. Within a few days of beginning the job search she had me several interviews lined up one after the other that were great matches for me and she pushed to get me some great offers! Very personable and helpful if there were ever any concerns or questions.

    Thanks again!

  26. Michelle has been great to work with. She really made my job search a smooth ride! I highly recommend Michelle as a recruiter.

  27. RR

    Michelle was very instrumental in helping me find a new opportunity. Even though I was still employed, she was able to work out all the details on my behalf, making the process smooth and convenient to my busy schedule. Honestly, I reached out to her, and within a week she had multiple interviews/phone screenings setup for me, and I was even offered a position at the first place I interviewed at in-person. So it only took a week to find me a new full-time position. I swear by Michelle’s professionalism and work ethic, and I would recommend her to anybody. Thanks again Michelle, you were great! And thank you Camden Kelly for facilitating such a great talent.

  28. Chris

    Working with Michelle has been great. She is definitely on top of things when it comes to finding positions that both apply to you, and fit you. She makes sure to take the time to actually get to know you, your skills, and your personality, so that the jobs that are sent your way are applicable to you. I hear the same compliment from the employers with which I interview, as well.

  29. Samuel

    Michelle has been great to work with. She takes time to find out what is important in your ideal new job and works to find a great match. Very responsive as well.

  30. Guy

    Michelle is a very detailed individual so energetic and enthusiastic. She has a high standard. She works hard for her candidates and does her very best to help, in their job search. Her help and suggestions show her dedication and performance to help the candidate to achieve the goals in their job search.

  31. Kepha

    Michelle was wonderful to work with. Not only was she very helpful in every stage of the way in helping me get a wonderful opportunity she is also very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with her and will not hesitate to work with her again should the opportunity present itself.

  32. Mysti

    I must say that I’m absolutely amazed at how Michelle took a personal, vested interest in me from the moment we first spoke on the phone. I have never worked with a recruiter before, so I had no idea what to expect! What I found was someone that truly wanted to dig into my aspirations and goals not only to see if I was good fit for a particular position, but to also find others that I wasn’t even aware of! Michelle is personable, flexible in her communication style (text, phone, email) and always has a smile in her voice. I’m happy to say that I start my dream job on Monday thanks to her! She’s a winner for sure!!

  33. Steve

    Michelle Simer is an awesome IT Recruiter! Working with her was by far the best experience I have ever had finding a job. She made the job search process extremely easy, fast, and enjoyable from the initial contact to the job offer and acceptance. Michelle is very professional and knowledgeable while maintaining a funny and likable personality. She has great communication skills and kept me in constant contact throughout the process. I will definitely recommend Michelle and Camden Kelly to anyone I know looking for a new job opportunity.

  34. David

    Through every step of the way Michelle was an absolute joy to work with. She has a wonderful laugh and a bright personality that go a long way to relieve some of the stress that comes with finding work. She’s quick, and really knows her craft. The numerous tips and advice provided along the way were super helpful and got me ready for my interviews.

    I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking work, as she is excellent at what she does, and just plain fun to work with. I’m very grateful for all the help along the way and glad that I had the opportunity to meet such an awesome person.

  35. Scott

    Working with Michelle was a pleasure because of her desire to understand the specific needs of the position to be filled. Anyone who is fortunate enough to use her will not only experience an excellent recruiter, but will also enjoy her cheerful personality. It was a genuine pleasure working with her.

  36. DC

    Michelle has been a pleasure to work with. She’s taken my requirements for a career seriously and worked with me extensively to find the right fit.

  37. Michelle is the most personable recruiter I have ever worked with. She really listens to her candidates to make the best possible match. She also spent a ton of time with me as the hiring manager to understand my needs. Her energy and positive attitude are infectious! Camden Kelly is on the recruiting forefront, watch for great things to come from them! I would be happy to act as a trusted referral if you are looking for an agency for your IT needs!

  38. Lucas

    Michelle is a very energetic and helpful person. She’s very socially conscious and will go that extra step necessary to ensure everything is lined up and perfect for your interview, along with the rest of your hiring process. She’s also very well-versed in professional etiquette, more-so than other recruiters I’ve worked with. All things being equal with another candidate, she’ll help you score every advantage possible to make yourself more appealing.

  39. John

    I highly recommend Michelle as a recruiter. She is a great person to work with and a very personable professional. She communicates well and provides feedback in a timely manner. If I’m back in the job search, I wouldn’t delay on connecting with her.

  40. Kathy

    Of the other recruiters that I have had the opportunity to work with, Michelle has been by far the best. She did exactly what she said she would do. She found a great opportunity and after 2 interviews got me a great offer which I was happy and excited to accept. I will be sharing her information with my friends and call her first in the future should I need assistance again. It was truly a pleasure and she is a great asset to Camdem Kelly.

  41. Leonid

    I was always pleased and felt well informed and confident while working with Michelle. She takes a great attention to candidate requests and suggests the best approach to the prospective employer, emphasizing the challenges, stresses details during the interviewing process, guides through it. She really made my job search a smooth ride!

  42. JB

    I had a fantastic experience with Michelle. She worked hard to find the right opportunity for me, and I felt that she was personally invested in finding the right job for me.

    Her enthusiasm was a nice change of pace, and she shared my excitement in finding a new career. She kept me informed from start to finish and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new career.

  43. David

    I really enjoyed working with Michelle. We established a very good rapport right away and she made the process go very easy for me. While working with her I was able to find the perfect opportunity. Her support was essential for me. She’s the best!

  44. Paul

    If you’re seeking a recruiter who has a vested interest in your career goals and who treats you with professionalism and attention to detail then you’ll be happy to work with Michelle Simmer.

    There wasn’t a time when Michelle couldn’t get me information or details I needed about a client. So if you’re in the market for a new job go out of your to speak with Michelle. She’ll work hard for you and be your best advocate.

  45. Confidential

    Michelle is a focused, enthusiastic go-getter.
    You’d do well to have her working your reach out to skill seeking hirers

  46. Matt

    Michelle was great to work with. She found the perfect opportunity for me very quickly. I was very pleased with her communication; It was just enough to keep me informed without being over-saturated with information. The whole interview process was a breeze and she really made it much smoother than if I had been on my own.

    In the end, she ended up getting me a great offer that I happily accepted. If I ever needed help finding a new job again I would not hesitate to work with Michelle again.

  47. Sunitha

    It was a pleasure to work with Michelle. She was very professional and worked with me very well. All communication between the candidate and the client is done in a very professional manner for maximum benefits for both parties.

    The interviewing and hiring process was very smooth thanks to the coordination of Michelle. She was always on top of things. It is a really pleasant experience to work with her.

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