Name: Priscilla Garcia
Title: Branch Manager - C.S.E.
Phone: 972-643-8848

Priscilla Garcia web

I’ve always had a passion for helping others meet their goals.  By getting to know your needs and wants, I will work diligently for the perfect configuration! I will never steer you the wrong way and promise to always be honest in helping you achieve success. Outside Camden Kelly I am busy with my dog and his adventures, and travel at any given opportunity. I cannot wait to get to know you and help you on your next journey.

New Opportunities:

Sr. Front End Engineer (Keller, TX) to join an elite team of really talented innovators. If you’re looking to jump into a pool of new technology this is the place for you!

Jr-Mid .Net Developer (Richardson, TX) to join a fun and smart team. You can count on finding stability here, and you’ll love the open environment. Calling all detail oriented problem solvers!

Sr. Backend C#.Net Developer (Remote) to join a SaaS organization that has a ridiculously long list of technical initiatives! You’ll be creating APIs and doing engine work, and if there’s something you’ve been wanting to get into like mobile, etc. now is your chance!

Call me and I can share more details!

  • PH: 972-643-8848


  1. Pete

    Priscilla is a unique asset to anyone who is priviliged to work with her. Her relentless comittment to finding the right people to come together, combined with a strong sense of urgency, produce the results that count. Needless to say, none of this would work without the pleasant, vibrant, and approachable personality she exudes. Knowledge of the domain she posseses cant hurt either. Wishing Priscilla continued success!

  2. Dennis

    I can’t say enough good things about Priscilla and Camden Kelly! She did an amazing job of coordinating everything that happens during the interview process, and kept in close contact with the client to move things along. Easily the best recruiter I have ever worked with!

  3. Sean

    Priscilla was incredible to work with. She was punctual and caring and did a great job with preparing me for interviews. She asked pointed questions and a conversation with her was never a waste of time and a value add. She got me a new job very quickly, thank you!

  4. John

    Priscilla has been amazing! I commend her on her service and she helped me find a great position and she asked me questions about the job I was looking for. Super helpful, great communication, very friendly. I would definitely recommend Priscilla and Camden Kelly to all my friends and colleagues. Thank You Again!

  5. Colin

    Priscilla is amazing and helped me find the perfect job. Her professionalism and friendliness makes her a joy to work with, and I felt extremely confident knowing that I had her in my corner to help me. She did everything she could to prepare me for interviews and make sure that I was successful. I would work with her again at any time, and I would recommend her to anyone. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work and help. Thank you, Priscilla! You’re awesome!

  6. Joel

    Professional, friendly and very proactive. Priscilla helped me find a great company and team to work with. I’m glad to have had such a great help.

    Thanks for all your help!

  7. Nora

    Priscilla has provided us with quality candidates for all of our open Technology positions. She has consistently been responsive and professional and is a pleasure to work with.

  8. Jose

    Priscilla es un reclutador maravilloso. ¡Ella trabajó difícilmente para encontrar mi trabajo ideal!

  9. Santosh

    I want to thank Priscilla for presenting to me a great opportunity with a great company in Keller. She presented my case well to the company. The interview went well and I got the job. Priscilla was very professional, courteous and prompt in all her communication with me. I really appreciate working with Priscilla. Thank you Camden Kelly!

  10. Allen

    Priscilla has been a delight to work with. She helped me find a new job after relocating to Dallas in a matter of a few days! From discussing my goals and experience to interview preparation and salary negotiation she has been outstanding. I would highly recommend her.

  11. David

    Priscilla is professional, resourceful, and really delightful to work with. She will work for your best interest by providing all the information you need to be successful. Her dedication and passion has made the process very enjoyable and smooth for me. Highly recommended!

  12. Chander

    Priscilla works diligently for you, getting the information you need and making sure you are well informed about the opportunity and well prepared for any interviews. She is a pleasure to work with and her dedication to making you successful stands out among all the recruiters I have worked with over the years.

  13. Pooja

    Priscilla has been very prompt in understanding my requirements and what exactly I was looking for. She helped me getting an interview within a week and made sure I was comfortable by providing me all the information about the company I was going to meet.

    I highly recommend her if you are looking for a change in your job.

  14. Kurt

    Priscilla makes herself available to her candidates like no other recruiter I’ve worked with – it didn’t matter if it was 8:30am or 8:30pm, she was there to help me. I’d highly recommend her to anybody seeking a web development position.

  15. Todd

    I was impressed with how much care Priscilla took in trying to match the right person with the right company. She always tried to get a hold of me after each step to see how things went and what I thought. Even after I had secured a position with a company she recommended me to she continued to reach out to me to see how our move was coming and how I enjoyed the first day. Thank you!

  16. Santosh

    I want to take this opportunity to thank Priscilla for the first class representation she provided to me for a technology company in Plano. She did very thorough job finding about me and what my goals were and worked very diligently to find suitable job opening for me. Also I must say Priscilla represented Camden Kelly to me in a very professional manner. She is certainly class apart and it was pleasure working with her. Thank you Priscilla.

  17. Brandon

    Priscilla is amazing! She is very professional and passionate about helping others find the best opportunities. I recommend her to anyone.

  18. Arthi

    I was very impressed with Priscilla’s passion and dedication throughout the job search process. She takes the time to understand your job requirements before setting you up for interviews. I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends and will continue to do so. She is constantly on the lookout and will promptly call you if a job opens up that matches your requirements. A huge thumbs up to Priscilla!

  19. Priscilla is very passionate about her work. I have never seen any recruiter calling late evenings during long weekends to accommodate interviews. It’s a pleasure working with such a highly enthusiastic person and would recommend her to all my friends.

  20. Sterling

    Priscilla is friendly, professional and helpful. She took the time to understand my personality, career goals and match them to a company where I would be well suited alongside like-minded employees. Priscilla truly has your best interest at heart, I highly recommend working with her!

  21. Swetha

    Priscilla did an amazing job in finding a good position that suits my skill set.
    She is very professional and was very helpful in preparing for an interview. She dedicatedly follows up and keeps informed of all the development process of the interview. She is very comfortable to work with and I will definitely recommend her to someone who needs a hand.
    Thank you a lot.

  22. Scott

    Priscilla was very friendly and super awesome to work with. She landed me a great job and I would highly recommend her.

  23. Mark

    While I only worked with Priscilla for a couple of weeks. I was very impressed with her professionalism, organization and friendly attitude. What really stands out is the time she takes to understand the type of position I was looking for. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again if/when the time comes to explore opportunities. Camden Kelly is fortunate to have her working on their team.

  24. James

    Priscilla is not just professional and diligent she’s also goes out of her way to truly look for a match for me based on what I’m really looking for. You can be sure she won’t try to place you somewhere based on just skill set to get it done with. She’s a pleasure to work with.

  25. Jonathan

    Priscilla is awesome! She worked very quickly to help me find a job. The first day I talked to her she already had an interview lined up for me.

  26. John

    Pricilla was a tremendous help to our organization when she recently helped us fill a critical software developer position.

    She spent time working to understand our needs and then sent us qualified candidates in a timely fashion. The most difficult part of the process was deciding who would receive the offer.

    Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with Pricilla!

    John Traver

  27. Priscilla is great! She helped me with interview prep, info about the employer, and most importantly, she got me a job I love.

  28. Robert

    Priscilla is very outgoing and worked very hard to help me find a great position. Throughout the process she communicated with me regularly and always made me feel like I was her number one priority. I would definitely work with Priscilla again.

  29. Jesmin

    Priscilla is highly talented. She helped me with interview tips, which was unlike many other recruiters. She is always reachable and ready to help.

  30. Christopher

    Priscilla’s help in finding a new software development position was invaluable.

    She honed in on what I wanted for my career, and matched me with a company/position that was just the fit I was looking for.

    She’s really friendly and easy to work with, and I highly recommend working with her.

  31. Dorita

    Priscilla is very helpful and professional with follow through in all phases of recruiting. She does a great job of keeping in touch regarding the candidates and keeping me informed about their progress as well as providing feedback to those candidates she is representing. It is a pleasure to work with Priscilla.

  32. Salman

    I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla. She is a very hardworking and diligent person and she guides you through all steps of the jobsearch minimizing all the stresses that come along. She keeps you informed and provides proactive feedback from the prospective employers that helps and improves you throughout the process. I would reccomend her to anyone who is looking for a job in a tough market.
    I really appreciate her efforts and help.

  33. Bradley

    I really can’t thank Priscilla enough for all of her hard work. When she contacted me I was in the process of changing careers. She has helped me find a great position with a great company and I know I wouldn’t have found this opportunity without her help. She provided me with tools I needed to be as successful during the interview process and helped me throughout the entire hiring process as well. Once again I can’t thank her enough for opening the door to this great opportunity and helping me jump start my new career.

  34. Cuong

    Priscilla is awesome!!! She has been really helpful from the start. She will be working closely with you to find a good fit for you. Priscilla also does frequent follow up calls with you to update or simply just checking on your status. She is a very professional recruiter and likes what she does. I strongly recommended anyone whom is in the job market to get in touch with Priscilla. You won’t be disappointed.

  35. David

    Of the several recruiters I worked with throughout my endeavor to find a better opportunity, Priscilla stood out from the beginning. She is professional, courteous and the best at what she does. Priscilla truly has a talent for match-making.

  36. Steve

    I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla for a couple of weeks. She is super friendly, organized and very professional. What I really appreciate about her is the amount of extra time that she takes to understand exactly the type of position the candidate is looking for. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again if/when the time comes to explore opportunities. She’s simply amazing at what she does! The folks at Camden Kelly are very fortunate to have her working on their team.

  37. Alexis

    This woman is very professional and motivated to get any job done! She’s very resourceful and has a great act of always lending a hand.

  38. Halee

    Priscilla has been a colleague of mine for the past 3 years. She is by far the most organized, reliable, and friendliest people I know.

  39. Bruce

    Where do I start about Priscilla? She’s an incredible Asset of Camden Kelly, extremely helpful, and always willing to go out of her way to help. She helped me persistently land a job downtown, and stayed on top of it throughout the process until I landed it! Because of Priscilla’s passion and willing to help her clients, people that use Camden Kelly as a resource for recruitment get to experience what a true, well rounded, career recruiting experience is really all about. Thanks Priscilla and Camden Kelly. Katy Imhoff should personally call and thank you for being such an amazing human being.

  40. Cameron

    All I can say is WOW!!! Priscilla helped me land my dream job. She stayed on-top of the clients after my interview. Kept me informed every step of the process. I highly recommend her.

  41. Swetha

    Priscilla did an amazing job in helping me land a job. She is one of the best recruiters I have worked with that made sure that I was always in the loop. There was never a day during this process that I did not get an update from Priscilla. Her energy and dedication made this a very memorable experience for me.

  42. Joseph

    Priscilla is very friendly and will work diligently to find you a position that fits you. Very helpful, highly recommended.

  43. George

    Priscilla is amazing! She is so willing to help others. She is honest and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone needing a hand. She is great at what she does.

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