3 Ways to Be a Better Boss

By Chelsea Babin

Even natural born leaders could use a little help to become the best boss they can be. Whether you’ve been recently given the opportunity to lead a team or you’ve been a boss for years, these 3 tips can help you be a better boss. Or, if you’re just looking for the right kind of boss to work with, consider these 3 factors. Check them out!

1. Keep Growth Going: Nothing excites people more than the opportunity to grow. If you’re in charge of a team or employees, look for opportunities for them to expand their skills or move up in the company and help facilitate their growth! If you want to be a great boss you should be able to identify areas that someone you’re leading could be good at and give them the training and project opportunities they need to grow their skills. If people don’t feel stagnant in their job they’re more likely to stick around for a long time!

2. Collaborate Instead of Dictate: Telling someone what to do works but having a conversation about it is even better. When you open a dialogue and collaborate on what their job responsibilities might entail and what future projects might consist of the people you’re leading will feel more involved in the future of your company and they’ll want to stick around longer! Don’t just dictate what the rules are, listen to their ideas and have open conversations!

3. Consistent Management Beats Micromanagement: Micromanagers are scaring off employees everywhere. Don’t be one of them! Instead, try consistent management. That means you don’t sweat the small stuff and you trust the judgment of the people you’re leading but you also let them know which decisions are important enough that you’ll need to weigh in on. This will help you do the leading you need to do without being overbearing or scaring off talented people!

You don’t learn how to be a good boss in school but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. These 3 ways to be a better boss can easily be incorporated into your existing style and you’ll notice your leadership style being more appreciated and effective in no time! And, if you’re just looking to work for a better boss, definitely look for someone who follows these 3 tips.