4 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

By Chelsea Babin

If technical skills are the backbone of your IT resume then communication skills, both written and verbal, are as vital as the arms and legs. A lot of companies are looking for people with proficient communication skills. If you feel like yours are lacking try out these 4 ways to improve your communication skills.

1. Read Your Writing Out Loud: When you’re writing a professional email or other document you want it to be clear, concise, and conversational. The best way to improve your written communication is to write a draft, then read it out loud so you can hear the inconsistencies or irregularities in your writing and edit it to make it better than before.

2. Balance Questions and Answers: Any great conversation strikes a balance between questions and answers. Although this is something that can’t be created with any specific formula, having an effective conversation means listening as much as speaking so make sure you aren’t dominating inner office conversations or holding back from asking questions.

3. Body Language Boosters: From maintaining eye contact to nodding to show you’re listening to keeping your arms at your sides instead of crossed, you can greatly improve your communication skills by boosting your knowledge of effective body language. Communication isn’t just about what you say or what you write, when it’s in person body language is half the battle so you need to make sure that yours doesn’t read as closed off, defensive, or inattentive.

4. Never Personalize Criticism: Whether you’re leading a team or simply collaborating with others there will be certain times where you need to give criticism. When you do it should be based upon observed actions and results, not intent. You can’t know someone’s motivations behind any activity so you shouldn’t allow your criticisms to delve into a personal area.

Your communication skills, both written and verbal, can get you a promotion, your dream job, and many other things throughout your career. If you do these 4 things you can improve your communication skills with ease!