5 Interview Questions That Will Help You Land the Job You Want

By Chelsea Babin

Typically, at the end of every interview, hiring managers will ask if you have any questions for them. Saying no makes you look unprepared. Asking questions only about benefits and compensation can make you look greedy. Overly invasive or personal questions could make your interviewers feel uncomfortable. So what are the best questions to ask if you want to land the job? Here are 5 great examples!

1. How would you describe the company culture? – Although job ads often go into this (in varying levels of detail), understanding what the company culture is like helps you really picture yourself in a job and asking about it shows that you’re thoughtfully considering what it might be like to work in this company. Plus, getting an insider’s view on it rather than the standard company line could give you the clearer picture you need to decide whether or not this is a job you really want.

2. How is success defined in this role and what career growth could that lead to? – When you ask this question you’re letting the hiring managers know that you’re looking to succeed in this role from day one and stay if it leads to career growth. You’ll get the insight you need to determine how to be successful in this role and you’ll see what kind of career progression or potential growth this company offers. The individuals who are interviewing you will be impressed by this thoughtful question and get the impression that you’re willing to go the extra mile and stay for the long term, which are both incredible assets in hiring manager’s eyes.

3. How do you give feedback to employees and collect feedback from employees? – Some companies only do year-end reviews or critique when something is going wrong. Others provide weekly feedback on your performance and have an open door policy to your feedback. Asking this question lets your interviewers know that you value constructive criticism and you’re the kind of person who is looking to bring innovative ideas to the table.

4. What three skills are the most important for this position? – Successful professionals know how to focus, prioritize, and hone their skill sets so that they can be the best person for the job. Asking this question allows you to understand what a successful person in this position looks like and shows you what qualities your potential bosses value most. If you get hired here this will be incredibly valuable information but, even if you don’t, this question shows that you have the ability to prioritize and that can be invaluable.

5. What is your favorite thing about working here? – While this question can provide a lot of valuable insight for you on what work life could actually be like in this position, it also gives the hiring manager the opportunity to humanize themselves and could lead to a bonding moment between the two of you. If that doesn’t happen, this question still makes you seem engaged and interested in the position and the hiring manager as a person, which is a great way to end any interview.

Keep these 5 questions in your back pocket (figuratively, don’t actually write them down), and use them at the end of your next interview to appear prepared, engaged, and ready for success. They could just be the shining final impression you need to land the job you really want!