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5 Powerful Traits That Successful Leaders Share

Whether you’re looking to work for a manager who is a likable leader or you’re trying to become a likable leader yourself, these 5 traits that successful leaders share are the key. Look out for these 5 traits or start developing them yourself!

1. Patient as Can Be

Patience is more than just a virtue, it’s essential for likable leaders. Researchers at Berkeley found that patient people were able to make more progress toward their big goals and they were more satisfied when they achieved their goals. Plus, patient people are less likely to react in anger and don’t get stressed out as easily. A leader who accomplishes their goals, doesn’t overreact, and doesn’t create a stressful work environment is clearly a better leader all around.

2. Turns Arrogance Away

Humility is key for likable leaders. Not only are people more drawn to humble people rather than arrogant people, humble leaders are able to recognize others’ strengths and contributions better than leaders who embrace arrogance and think they’re the reason for every success.

3. Super Self-aware

In order to look at the whole picture, see both sides of an issue, and solve problems in an efficient manner you need to be self-aware. That’s why likable leaders need to be super self-aware!

4. Listens Well & Communicates Thoroughly

It’s impossible to lead or be likable if your communication skills are lacking on either side. Open, honest communication and transparency are beloved by leaders for a reason. But, the most likable leaders also understand the value of listening well.

5. Acknowledges & Soaks Up the Wisdom of Others

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. People who embrace this mindset are more likely to be successful leaders because they are able to acknowledge that they don’t know everything, that everyone has some wisdom to share, and they’re able to soak up that wisdom more thoroughly and share it with their team.

Maybe you want to be a more likable leader or maybe you just want to know what to look for in a boss so you’ll work for a likable leader. Either way, these 5 traits are the key.

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