6 Tricks for Remembering People at Networking Events

Some people are good at remembering faces, other people are good at remembering names. But, in general, people struggle to remember everyone they meet at networking events. Trigger your memory and make memorable connections with these 6 tricks for remembering the people you meet at networking events.

1. Business Cards:

Some people see business cards as old-fashioned but they really come in handy when you’re trying to remember people you meet at networking events. After all, if you exchange business cards with them, you often have their name, profession, phone number, email address, and sometimes picture of their face all in one convenient location for future reference.

2. Take Notes:

There’s a reason so many students take notes during class, notes are an effective way of committing something to memory. And, when your memory still fails you, you’ll have a record of what you were trying to recall in the first place. Whether you bring a small notepad or just make a few notes in your phone, taking notes at networking events can help you remember everyone you meet there.

3. Name Repetition:

Saying someone’s name more than once during a conversation will help you remember them better at the end of the evening. Name repetition is a great tool for keeping your memory of each person sharp over the course of several hours.

4. One Fun/Weird/Interesting Fact:

Associating someone’s name with one fun, weird, or interesting fact about them is another great way to reinforce your memory of everyone you meet at networking events. For example, if you meet a guy named Mike who loves TV, you can call him Mike TV in your head to get a clearer, longer-lasting memory of him.

5. Find Common Ground:

Sometimes all it takes is one shared interest to form a lasting bond or, at least, a lasting memory of the person. Maybe you both love Game of Thrones or maybe you’re fans of the same baseball team. Finding common ground (outside of your professional interests) will help you remember the people you meet at networking events.

6. Follow Up Email:

Whether or not they have a business card, you should get their email address so you can send them an email the next day. Whether it’s a generic “nice to meet you” or you’re sending them an article or setting up a time to chat one-on-one, this will help you remember them and it will help them remember you. Writing them an email will reinforce the memory of their face and name but, if you still forget who they are a few months later, you can quickly search through your outbox and find their name.

Meeting people at networking events can be a great boost for your career, but not if you can’t remember who they are! These 6 tricks will help you remember the people you meet at networking events.

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