9 Career Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

While I’m sure you’re off to a great start in 2019, the best way to stay on track is to know which pitfalls and mistakes could lie ahead. That way, you can avoid them more easily and take your career success to new heights! In that spirit, here are 9 common career mistakes to avoid this year if you want to make positive career progress.

1. Neglecting Professional Relationships: When is the last time you tried to expand your professional network? When is the last time you took your coworkers out for some after work fun to deepen your professional relationships? Even if you have an established professional network, it’s no good to you if you let those connections wither and die on the vine. All relationships need regular maintenance and, if you neglect your professional relationships, it could stunt your future career growth or even hurt your current collaboration.

2. Not Checking In on What Else is Out There: No, you don’t always need to be looking for a new job. However, if it’s been more than 6 months since you last took the time to browse what other jobs are out there in your field, you should take some time to do that now. Checking in on other opportunities that are out there can help you make sure your compensation stays competitive, your skills stay up to par for future job searches, and so much more. One of the best ways to achieve this is by signing up for a weekly alert so you can passively look at jobs in your field without having to take the time to seek them out when you’re not ready to find a new job yet.

3. Avoiding Risks: Want to avoid being stuck in a rut? Want your boss to refer to you as ingenious or visionary? If so, you can’t avoid taking risks. Risks at work feel like they have higher stakes because, if you mess up, it could cost you. However, most bosses prefer employees who take risks, learn from mistakes that are made, and move the company forward in directions they may not have though of. Especially if you’re vying for a promotion, this isn’t a time to avoid risks altogether.

4. Getting Easily Stressed or Flustered: There will always be job-related stress. However, it’s important not to get too flustered no matter how many projects are on your plate. Practice some stress-relief techniques and train your brain to handle high-pressure situations with a calm, collected demeanor. No one likes working with the person who is always frantic or losing their cool.

5. Failing to Learn Anything New: The easiest way to stunt your career growth and be seen as a mediocre-to-bad employee in the near future is to fail to learn anything new. Learning is a continual process. Figure out which areas you’re lacking knowledge in and take steps to bridge those gaps. A lot of employers even offer tuition reimbursement or other training initiatives so seek those out if you can.

6. Not Setting and Achieving Goals: If you’re not striving towards something, you may get lost. Career goals can keep you on a positive path that leads to raises, promotions, and overall career success. If you aren’t setting or achieving your career goals, you need to figure out why not and rectify that situation as soon as possible.

7. Letting Your Skills Grow Dull: As essential as continuous learning is to your career, it won’t help if you let the rest of your skills and knowledge grow dull or disappear. Keep your skills as sharp as possible so you’re ready to find a new job at a moment’s notice if you need to.

8. Not Asking for a Raise: Are you adding value at your company? If so, you should be asking for a raise! Not asking for a raise can set your overall career earnings back by thousands, which will only compound and grow over time. Assess the value you’re adding, find a good time for both yourself and your company, and ask for a raise.

9. Allowing Yourself to Be Unhappy In Your Job: If you’ve taken steps to make your current position better and nothing seems to be working, why stay miserable? Don’t just allow yourself to be unhappy in your job because you’re unsure about what else is out there. Your performance is likely to suffer and you could get fired because your misery is spilling over into your every day work. Get out of that downward spiral ASAP and start looking for a better opportunity today.

 Your friends are there to give you great personal advice, steer you in the right direction, and cheer you on along the way. We at Camden Kelly are here to do the same for your career. Avoid these 9 common career mistakes to keep your professional progress on a positive track in 2019!