Become an Early Riser With These 6 Foolproof Tactics

By Chelsea Babin

If you struggle to get to work on time or if you’re ready to jump-start your productivity you should try to become an early riser! This may not be easy for a night owl like you but with these 6 foolproof tactics, you’ll slowly find yourself waking up earlier and getting more things done throughout the workday.

1. One Minute Earlier: If you set your alarm just one minute earlier every work day you’ll be waking up a full 15 minutes earlier within a month’s time and you’ll barely notice the difference! Using these small, incremental adjustments will help your body slowly get used to waking up earlier.

2. Stop Saying You’re Not a Morning Person: Whether or not you believe in the effectiveness of a mantra, it’s difficult to wake up early when you constantly tell yourself or others that you’re not a morning person. Take that negative thought out of your head because it may be the roadblock that’s creating your waking up late and always hitting snooze pattern.

3. Set Early Morning Meetings: If you know that your coworkers or your boss or your clients are waiting for you first thing in the morning, you’ll be a lot more motivated to get up early and get to work on time! Set up early morning meetings and you’ll want to avoid letting people down by showing up late. Creating this accountability to protect your reputation as someone who follows through is a great way to motivate yourself to wake up early.

4. Do Something You Love: If you go to sleep knowing that you get to start your day doing something you love, you’re far more likely to get up early and embrace the day! Make time t do one thing you absolutely love each morning and you’ll be less inclined to hit the snooze button.

5. Make It Easy to Get Out of Bed: Once you’re up and out of bed you’re more likely to get your day started. That’s why a lot of people set their alarm clock or phone across the room so they have to get up to turn it off. Or they put their coffee on a timer so it’s ready when it’s time to wake up. Or they set all of their work stuff aside neatly the night before so they don’t have to rush around looking for things in the morning. Whatever tweaks to your environment or night routine make it easier for you to get out of bed and get going should be put into place ASAP!

6. Keep Track: Use your planner or keep a log in your phone and keep track of when you’re actually waking up and starting your day each morning and what time you arrive to the office each day. If you keep track of this you’ll see when you’re falling out of your newly improved pattern and it’ll be easier to make adjustments early on to keep yourself on track.

If you want to get to work early, be more productive, and have your boss see you as reliable and dedicated you should learn to become an early riser. If you use these 6 foolproof tactics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an early riser every day!