Certifications and Open Source Technology Gain a Strong Foothold with Today’s Technologists and Technology Focused Companies

By Chelsea Babin

If you’re noticing more resumes highlighting open source skills and certifications coming in for your open technology positions, you aren’t alone. Both certifications and a variety of open source technologies are gaining a strong foothold with today’s technologists and technology-focused companies.

When it comes to open source technology, a survey conducted by Dice and The Linux Foundation found that the demand and value is less about specific skills and more about the aptitude for building new open-source products while adapting to changing circumstances. A large amount of those surveyed—seventy-seven percent—said that the “ability to architect solutions based on open source” was the most valuable skill in their current jobs. Additionally, sixty-six percent of those surveyed said that “experience with open source development tools” was their most valuable skill in their current job. If you’re an employer looking for skilled open source technologists, you aren’t alone. Competition may be stiff if you want to attract top open source technology professionals to your organization in the near future.

As for certifications, their popularity is growing amongst technologists who want to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies. Most technical professionals are packing their recent certifications onto their resumes and looking to join companies that offer paid certifications. Nearly half of companies—forty-seven percent—are willing to pay for their employee’s certifications, according to that same recent study by Dice and The Linux Foundation. Additionally, around fifty percent of hiring managers said they were more likely to hire a certified professional. So, if you’re looking for those certifications too, you’re looking at the same shrinking pool of technical talent.

If you’re looking to hire top technical professionals with open source skills and certifications, the good news is that more technologists are learning these and getting certified. The bad news is that nearly half of all employers are looking for the same thing you are. But, if you’re willing to offer benefits like paid certifications, you may have the edge you need to attract cutting-edge, talented technologists to your organization.