How Facebook Can Help Your Career

By Chelsea Babin

What was once a social media platform for college students is now a worldwide platform with billions of users. Whether you’ve had a Facebook account for years or you’ve been hesitant to get one, you probably don’t know how much your Facebook account can help your career. Here are 4 ways you can utilize Facebook throughout your career and reap great benefits.

1. Check your Privacy Settings: This one is more like a double edged sword but, when you’re looking for a new job or simply trying to keep your own, keeping your privacy settings strict will help employers see that you have a social media presence and that it’s, as far as they can tell, positive and professional. If yours is private and reflects well on you and another candidate for a raise, promotion, or new position has one that could be potentially embarrassing to your company they’ll opt for you instead.

2. Join Technology Groups in Your Area: Most people know about LinkedIn’s technology groups but Facebook also has social groups you can join based on what technologies you’re interested in and what area you live in. this is great for establishing a network if you move to a new city or expanding your network in a casual way.

3. Keep in Contact With Your Network: Speaking of your professional network, keeping in contact with them used to be so much more difficult and nuanced than it is now. If you’re friends with them on Facebook you can message them about opportunities, send them articles that are interesting and relevant, or create an event to try to meet up with several people at one time. It really makes things a lot simpler!

4. Like A Page to Keep Up With Job Opportunities: Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or you just want to stay up to date with available opportunities and the skillset you’ll need when you decide to make a transition, liking a page that regularly posts new job opportunities (like our own wonderful Facebook page) can make that process a lot easier.

If you have a Facebook account you should start using it to help your career! These 4 opportunities may not be obvious but they’re great a great use for your Facebook profile. Try them out today!