How to Boost Your Confidence For A Phone Interview

By Chelsea Babin

Phone interviews are definitely a different beast than an in-person interview because they’re typically shorter, less formal, and you’re not able to convey your message or yourself through body language. If you need a confidence boost before and during your next phone interview you should follow these 5 steps!

1. Cliff Notes: When you do your company research you should make a few notes. When you’re preparing questions to ask or points you want to remember to bring up during the interview you should make a few notes. Then, combine these notes onto one easy to understand page of cliff notes to keep by your side. The great thing about phone interviews is that you can have these handy cliff notes nearby to help you out in a way that isn’t possible during an in person interview!

2. The Perfect Location: A phone interview should take place someplace quiet, someplace private, and someplace where you’re comfortable. Finding the perfect location is key to phone interview confidence so make sure you spend some time before your phone interview scouting out the right spot. It will really help you feel better in the long run!

3. Dress to Impress: If you’re at home when you’re doing a phone interview it’s easy to stay in your sweats or pajamas but, psychologically, dressing to impress for a phone interview can really help you succeed. It puts you in the interview mindset, gives you the confidence you need, and helps you stay professional over the phone.

4. Resume in Your Right Hand: Usually when you’re doing a phone interview the only prior impression the hiring manager has of you is your resume. Because of this, they’re more likely to ask you questions about your resume during a phone interview than they would during an in person interview. Chances are they have your resume in front of them so you should keep yours handy throughout the phone interview to reference quickly!

5. Smile Through It: Some people don’t realize this but your voice typically sounds different when you’re smiling so, even over the phone, people can tell when you have a smile on your face. If you want to make a positive impression try keeping a smile on your face when appropriate and you’ll be more likely to convey the tone you’re going for in your phone interview.

Confidence is key if you’re looking to have a successful phone interview. And, if you follow these 5 steps, you’ll be able to boost your confidence and feel better prepared during your phone interview so it can lead to an in person interview and, eventually, a job offer. Good luck!