likability at work

Increase Your Likability At Work By Doing These 7 Things

The most likable people are often the most successful in their careers. Whether you’re trying to collaborate better, looking for a promotion, or simply wanting to foster better relationships with your coworkers you can do these 7 things to improve your likability at work.

1. Listen More Than You Talk:

Talking for the sake of talking isn’t always a great idea. Instead, focus on improving your listening skills. Then, when you do talk, offer advice only when you’re asked, and don’t forget to acknowledge the points someone else has already brought up. Listening more than you talk is a great way to increase your likability at work!

2. Be Thoughtful:

From remembering birthdays to reminding someone that you haven’t forgotten to review their side project and you’ll be on it soon, being thoughtful is one of the most important qualities every likable coworker has. Having that natural desire to be thoughtful can take so little effort but it truly helps foster great relationships in the workplace.

3. Share the Spotlight:

People who hog the spotlight think they’re helping themselves get ahead in their career but, truth be told, the more likable people who shift or share the spotlight with others often reap the most rewards. Instead of being the kind of person who takes all of the credit or accepts all of the praise, make sure to congratulate others when they contribute or when they have major accomplishments rather than hogging the spotlight all for yourself.

4. Carefully Choose Your Words:

This is more of an internal trait but it can really turn your perspective around! Incredibly likable people don’t think they have to go to a meeting, they think that they get to go to a meeting. They don’t think that they have to help one of their coworkers, they think that they get to help out one of their coworkers. Additionally, likable people have positive attitudes and make sure that even when they’re discussing problems or issues they don’t frame their words as a complaint.

5. Give Before You Receivee:

Instead of thinking about what you can get focus on what you can thrive on. Giving is a great foundation for any real connection and positive relationship so it’s no wonder why the most likable person in the office is often the one who gives of their time and talent before receiving that same favor from others. And, if you want to be really likable, you won’t expect reciprocity. Giving for the sake of giving is the sign of a truly generous, likable person.

6. Disconnect to Connect:

Whether you’re at lunch with a coworker or in a meeting you’re the kind of person who always puts your phone away and really pays attention. The most likable people at work are often the ones who readily disconnect from technology in order to connect with the people in front of them.

7. Own Up to Your Failures:

If you can’t acknowledge a time when you’ve failed or fallen short you certainly aren’t the kind of person who can learn from it or who can relate to others when they fail or fall short. The most likable people at work will own up to their failures in order to relate to others and learn from their mistakes instead of putting the blame away from themselves.

It’s never a good idea to focus on your career advancement if you’re not also trying to become a more likable coworker. Likable people are often the first people to be hired, promoted, and recommended for great opportunities. Do these 7 things and you can easily increase your likability at work!

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