Java Software Engineer – Long Term Career Growth & New Tech Like Spring and Kafka

Job Description

Ready to implement the new technology you love like Spring Boot, Kafka, Microservices, Docker, Elasticsearch, and more in a super stable, well-established company? Get on board in this Java Software Engineer role and enjoy long term career growth as well as valuable perks like employer paid medical, dental, and optical.

As soon as you step into this collaborative environment you’ll be one of the go to developers for a lot of important projects and get to wear many hats while staying involved in full lifecycle development. This super tight-knit team drives the success of this solid tech company and they’ve taken over where offshore developers left off. You will help this company bring more of their development in house as you develop, test, implement, and maintain public facing applications while adding new features & new tech. As long as you have experience with Java, Spring, AWS, and SQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL you’ll do well here. If you happen to have experience with Microservices, Kafka, Spring Boot, or Redis it will come in handy, but you can always pick up this knowledge along the way!

The easiest part of this job: This position can quickly lead to an Architect and leadership role as the company continues to expand so you can advance in your career while staying put in the same awesome, tight-knit environment.

The hardest part of this job: If you don’t stay up to date with the latest tech and learn new tech quickly this won’t be the right job for you.

Join a growing development team implementing great new tech and features and enjoy long term career growth in this Java Software Engineer job.

What’s in it for you?

– Employer Paid Medical

– Employer Paid Dental

– Employer Paid Optical

– 401k with Match

– Free Snacks

– 2 Weeks PTO

– Sick Days

– Paid Holidays

What you’ll be doing:

– Develop, test, implement, and maintain public facing applications

– Develop new features with technology like Microservices, Java Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kafka, etc.

– Implement new technology and uphold best practices and top-notch coding standards

– Collaborate effectively in a team environment and wear many hats

– Provide detailed development estimates and meet deadlines

What you need:

– Java

– Spring

– SQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL


– Degree

– Microservices are a plus

– Kafka is a plus

– Spring Boot is a plus

– Redis is a plus