.Net Core Software Engineer: Greenfield Impact in Dallas

Job Description

You can make an impact with your work. You can throw that Hail Mary pass across the (green)field and watch your work transform the game right in front of you. As a Senior .Net Core Software Engineer, you can implement every technical skill on your roster for concrete influence over big projects.

Here’s what we want from you:
– You’re a full-stack .Net developer
– You’re a Dallas local (or would like to be)
– You love to play with the latest tech, like Natural Language Processing
– You’re not afraid to share the value of your opinions and ideas
– You can play an integral role in rewriting a legacy system from the ground up

Here’s what you’ll get from it:
– An array of applications to merge into sleek, greenfield development
– An annual cycle of upgrades to keep you and your team on the bleeding-edge of technology
– Benefits including a 401k, exceptional Healthcare, ultra-flexible PTO options, and both education and family benefits

Bonus points awarded if you:
– Think Angular is the chef’s kiss of JavaScript
– Work with Cloud providers like Azure and AWS
– Manage microservices like the true pro that you are
– Can handle NoSQL and relational databases
– Have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related field

When you’re ready to make a serious impact with your work, apply to take the next steps with us. You’ll be glad you did.