PHP Software Engineer- Solve complex FinTech problems!

Job Description

Are you a true engineer with a mathematical mind? Do you live for complicated algorithms and vast amounts of data? What if I told you that you could finally feel challenged by solving complex FinTech problems within a company that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation? Lucky for you, I have a chance for you to do just that!

This is an opportunity for a PHP Software Engineer to work remotely with a company in Dallas, Tx, whose primary focus is solving real-world problems. If you have experience with PHP, Laravel, Algorithms, AWS, and APIs, you might have just found your new home! In this role, you’ll work with vast amounts of data, deal with many complicated algorithms, and work heavily with APIs. The best part? If you’re tired of coasting through tasks, you’re in the right place. This company’s constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, so it’s a great place to finally feel challenged!

The easiest part of the job: Surround yourself with talented engineers and advance your skillset!

The hardest part of the job: If complicated algorithms aren’t your thing, this might not be the role for you.

Take on this role as a PHP Software Engineer and work with a company so innovative, you’ll never want to leave!

What’s in it for you?
– Enjoy Competitive Compensation $110,000 – $140,000
– Indulge in impressive benefits like Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, HSA, Disability, Mental Healthcare, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, 401K, Unlimited PTO

What you’ll be doing:
– You’ll work with vast amounts of data
– You’ll deal with a lot of complicated algorithms
– You’ll work heavily with APIs
– You’ll finally feel challenged

What you’ll need:
– A strong background in PHP, Laravel, Algorithms, AWS, and APIs
– A passion for innovative technology

If you like what you see, what’s stopping you from advancing your skills? Apply today!