Security Network Administrator- Get your Splunk on!

Job Description

Do you see threats lurking around every corner? Would you love to help shape the future of a company’s security? What if I told you that you could use your passion for technology to keep a company safe by implementing different security technologies and devices? Lucky for you, I have a chance for you to do just that!

This is an opportunity for a Security Network Administrator to work with a company based near Dallas, Tx, whose main focus is improving lives. If you live and breathe Splunk then you might have just found your new home. Here’s a chance for you to take on a new challenge and make a difference! Within this role, you’ll come in and focus day to day on interacting with the company’s SIEM. You’ll be reviewing coming in alerts, responding, doing analysis, looking at threats/cyber attacks, and supporting different compliance programs (for HITRUST and HIPAA). Get excited to use your passion for safety because this is a 100% security-focused position. You’ll also implement different security technologies and devices. The best part? You’ll get to show off your love of different countermeasures and security programs out there by implementing new monitoring tools and supporting those as well. So, you’ll be able to create the real change within a company that you’ve always wanted!

The easiest part of the job: Use your passion for technology to help evolve security and implement changes!

The hardest part of the job: If you’re not in love with security or interested in implementing new tools, this might not be the role for you.

Take on this role as a Security Network Administrator and work within a team so innovative, you’ll never want to leave!

What’s in it for you?
– Enjoy Competitive Compensation 90,000-100,000
– Indulge in impressive benefits like Performance bonuses, 2-3 days a week WFH (even after they go back to the office), Super flexible schedule to avoid traffic, Medial, Dental, Life, Optical, HSA, 401K, PTO, Holidays, Flexible spending account
– The opportunity to do something you love
– The chance to make a difference

What you’ll be doing:
– You’ll be very operations-driven but also get to help evolve this platform and implement changes as you go
– You’ll use Splunk as your SIEM
– You’ll ingest data into Splunk that would go into their SIEM dashboard
– You’ll find different sources of events in their infrastructure that can be on-prem and in the cloud, consuming them in Splunk, and allowing Splunk to have access to that data
– You’ll leverage the tool itself to detect and analyze control requirements around threat management
– You’ll possibly do some tuning as well

What you’ll need:
– A strong background in Splunk
– A love for security
– The ability to implement different security technologies and devices
– Familiarity with the different countermeasures and security programs out there
– The ability to support the programs, implement monitoring tools, and other things that would help support those as well

Bonus points:
– A desire to work in a Hybrid environment

If you like what you see, what’s stopping you from creating real change in the security of a company? Apply today!