Senior Android Developer: Enough Boredom

Job Description

Did you start coding so you could be bored? We doubt it. A position that has you stifled and siloed probably isn’t your long-term goal. A vast array of bleeding-edge tech projects, however, could be the answer for your next career move.

We need a Senior-level Android Developer to join a team committed to bringing the best out of their work. You’ll meet a variety of unique opportunities to apply your technical skills, but you’ll get the security (and compensation package) of a full-time role. So, none of the low-activity periods or instability that you encounter in consulting or contracting gigs.

The role is hybrid, so you’ll work from home—or wherever—and hop into the Cincinnati, Ohio office a few days a week. And Lebron loves Ohio, so we definitely stand the Buckeye location and know you will, too.

Here’s what’s in it for you:
– An organization dedicated to growing both their product and their team’s career paths
– A host of exciting opportunities for you to innovate and grow without monotony
– Benefits including a 401k, competitive Healthcare, education and family benefits, and ultra-flexible PTO options

You match up if you:
– Have a proven, strong background developing Android apps from the ground up
– Work in Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio
– Want the chance to collaborate with your crew in real life
– Are bored with being bored
– Have mobile architecture experience

Bonus points and gold stars if you:
– Value genuine work-life balance
– Can show us your apps in the Play Store

You’re ready to love your job and work with a team with aligning values, apply today to unlock the next steps.