Senior Android Engineer- Overworked and underappreciated?

Job Description

Would you love to NOT be on call on your days off? Do you love working on Android and would relish the chance to work with React Native and iOS? What if I told you that you could create applications working with all three without your work taking over your life? Lucky for you, I have a chance for you to do just that!

This is an opportunity for a Senior Android Engineer to work remotely with a well-established company based in the Los Angeles area, whose main focus is helping the world become a more dapper place. If you live and breathe Android and have a little bit of React Native, REST API’s, iOS, and GraphQL, then you might have just found your new home. Have you been wanting to also get into IOS? As this company rolls out 2 new apps, here’s your chance to roll up your sleeves and add iOS and React Native app development to your list of achievements! The best part? You’ll find rest in this role with a manager who really cares about his team! He’s big on work-life balance and never wants his team working 50-60 hour weeks. If there’s an urgent fire over the weekend, he’s going to take care of it! Imagine being able to put your phone on silent and forget about it for a couple of days. Can you say, “game-changer”?

The easiest part of the job: Use your Android experience to work where you want on mobile apps while exploring iOS and React Native, within a prospering company!

The hardest part of the job: If you’d rather stay where you are, stuck in a company that overworks and under-appreciates you, then this might not be the role for you.

Take on this role as a Senior Android Engineer and do what you love in a company so innovative, you’ll never want to leave!

What’s in it for you?
– Enjoy Competitive Compensation
– Indulge in impressive benefits like Stock Options, Medical (HMO PPO HSA), Dental, Optical, Performance bonuses, Unlimited PTO, 401k (no match), Holidays, Pet Insurance, Adoption Assistance, Discounted Gym, and Yoga Memberships, Paid Parental Leave and More
– Peace knowing your in a thriving company in a time of uncertainty
– Flexibility to work from anywhere
– The ability to leave work at work
– Your weekends back

What you’ll be doing:
– You’ll work with Android, and have the chance to get into iOS and React Native development
– You’ll come in and join the mobile team consisting of iOS Developers, Androids Developers, API engineers, QA Engineers, and Project Managers
– You’ll work with a highly collaborative team
– You’ll work under a great manager who encourages work-life balance and never wants his team working 50-60 hour weeks

What you’ll need:
– A strong background in Android, REST API’s, and GraphQL
– A familiarity with React Native and iOS development
– The desire to make highly functional, profitable, eCommerce apps
– A dream of work-life balance within an incredible team
– A willingness to work outside of your comfort zone

Bonus points:
– iOS and Native React experience

If you like what you see, what’s stopping you from getting your weekends back? Apply today!