Sr. RoR Developer- Love Big Data in this Remote Position!

Job Description

Is technology more than just your job; it’s your hobby? Would you love to create state-of-the-art tech? What if I told you that you could help build a big data technology platform that enables enhanced audience targeting with people who share your passion? Lucky for you, I have an opportunity for you to do just that!

This is an opportunity for a Sr. RoR Developer who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, to work remotely with a SaaS company whose primary goal is to create ingenious, data-driven technology to help personalize users’ online experiences. If you have experience with Ruby on Rails and Modern JS Framework, you might have just found your new home! In this role, you’ll come in and help build technology platforms that enable industry experts to create custom audiences based on individual data elements. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to develop cutting-edge big data tech! The best part? If you love to collaborate, you’re in the right place! You’ll be working on a team of diverse, opinionated people who work hard and play hard.

The easiest part of the job: Break free from the norm by making individual data valuable again.

The hardest part of the job: If you don’t like collaborating with a team of passionate people, then this might not be the job for you.

Work as a Sr. RoR Developer and get the chance to create something new with an innovative team!

What’s in it for you?
– Enjoy Competitive Compensation of $130,000-$150,000
– Indulge in impressive benefits such as Employer Paid Medical, Dental, Optical, Ampil PTO, 401K, Paid Holidays, and More
– Rise to the challenge of doing something different

What you’ll be doing:
– You’ll work with a group of diverse, opinionated people who love what they do
– You’ll help build Big Data Technology platforms that include direct data networks and marketing platforms specifically for unstructured data

What you’ll need:
– Experience with Ruby on Rails and Modern JS Framework
– Out of the box thinking
– A passion for technology

If you like what you see, what’s stopping you from working with passionate people in a remote environment? Apply today!