Xamarin Developer – Get Your Hands Dirty with Android & Angular

Job Description

If you love rolling around in the cutting edge technical muck all the live long day, you’re in the right place! This exciting Xamarin Developer job at a stable company with a tight-knit technical team is the kind of job where you’ll never get bored because you have so many cool projects to work on at once. 

This friendly team keeps it business casual in the workplace so you can too! Be a part of an awesome company known for their lifesaving tech and get your hands dirty with a ton of tech projects from Xamarin applications to front end development with Angular and so much more. Problem solve and use your experience with Xamarin, .Net, and Android in a super collaborative environment where you’ll have a lot of say in the design and direction of every project you touch. Plus, you’ll have a really flexible schedule that can adapt to your life thanks to perks like flextime and telecommuting options as needed. 

The easiest part of this job: With over 3 decades in business and a ton of recent growth, this company combines the best of stability and exciting change. 

The hardest part of this job: If you’re not eager to collaborate with a tight-knit, relaxed, family-like team this won’t be the right job for you. 

Get your hands dirty with Android, Angular, and a ton of other tech in this exciting Xamarin Developer position where you’ll be a part of a really cool, stable tech family! 

What’s in it for you? 

– Competitive Salary ($72,000-$82,000) 

– Medical 

– Dental 

– Optical 

– Life 

– Flexible Schedule 

– Flextime 

– 2 Weeks PTO 

– Design, develop, and implement applications and software 

– Juggle multiple projects and use a variety of technology including Android, .Net, Xamarin, and Angular 

– Collaborate with other software engineers while designing and implementing effective solutions 

– Troubleshoot and participate in peer code reviews 

What you need: 

– Android 

– .Net 

– Xamarin