Prepare Yourself for a Promotion in 3 Easy Steps

Getting a promotion can propel your career forward and make you feel accomplished, valued, and worthy. Everyone loves getting a promotion but some people find getting there more trouble than it’s worth. Want to prepare yourself for a promotion in a simple, easy way? Follow these 3 steps!

1. Prove You’re Responsible:

From arriving early to meeting deadlines, one of the key values you can bring to any company is to be reliable and responsible. If you’re gearing up to try for a promotion you want to do everything you can to become your boss’ most reliable employee and that means rain or shine, you and your work are always on time.

2. Be a Silent Influencer:

Some people make the mistake of attempting to take all of the credit when they’re gunning for a promotion. Instead, try being a silent influencer, or the kind of person who performs quickly but is slow to take the credit. Instead of just trying to bring themselves up to the top, silent influencers bring everyone else up with them because they know their value shines through without hogging all of the glory.

3. Be Invaluable:

When you’re someone they need to keep around and they know it companies will rarely bat an eyelash before promoting you. While the definition of an invaluable employee is intangible, it generally means that you’ve grown in responsibility, skill, and experience beyond your current role. This will show that you’re primed for a promotion and that you’re the kind of person they don’t want to lose to another organization.

Preparing for a promotion doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these 3 easy steps you’ll set yourself apart from the pack and show that you’re primed and ready for a promotion. And, if your current company doesn’t make it a habit of promoting from within, these steps are also a great way to get you ready for a job search for a role that better suits your increased value and talents. Good luck!

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