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The Most In-demand Programming Languages Right Now

If you’re looking to land a great technical job, it’s important to stay up to date with what employers really want right now. Based on millions of job postings from July through September of this year, the following 7 programming languages are the most in-demand from employers in the latter half of 2019.

1. SQL: Although this programming language was created in 1974, it’s far-reaching capabilities for relational databases have made it one of the world’s most popular programming languages. After all, businesses always need databases and technologists who are capable of managing them, which is why this language tops the list with a whopping 196,042 job postings according to Burning Glass.

2. Java: Coming in second with 167,356 job postings is another oldie-but-goodie, Java. From mobile to web, this programming language has versatile potential and can even help some businesses maintain their legacy code.

3. JavaScript: The third ranking programming language is JavaScript with 117,722 job postings in the aforementioned timeline. And, while basic JavaScript is often just used as a foundation for more cutting-edge and current frameworks like Node, React, VueJS, EmberJS, Meteor, Polymer, and more, this easy to learn language is taught widely in schools and bootcamps so many employers know they can find a wide range of technologists with this skillset.

4. Python: With a lot of uses in data science, automation, web development, and a wide range of libraries and frameworks available to do whatever needs to be done, it’s no surprise that Python is within the top 5 programming languages that are in-demand for employers right now. And, with 109,728 open job positions looking for this particular skill, it’s clearly still a valuable tool in any versatile techie’s toolbox.

5. C#: Never underestimate the number of companies looking for technologists who can maintain their legacy code or at least comb through it in order to move up to bigger and better things. With so many large enterprises utilizing this, it’s no wonder there were 70,932 open positions requesting this commonplace technology.

6. C++: Again with the legacy code that needs maintaining and updating! With most companies still in the process of moving on to bigger and better tech, it makes sense that C++ is still in-demand with 50,356 open jobs in late 2019.

7. .Net: While this is a framework and not a programming language, .Net is often used in conjunction with several of the other in demand programming languages to build apps so it’s earned its spot on the list. And, while its 46,846 open positions certainly make it less widely in-demand than SQL or Java, it’s a specialized skill that a lot of technologists still use on a regular basis and that companies still utilize in conjunction with other tech.

If you want to stay employable as a Developer, it’s important to keep your skills up to date. But, as you can see from the data found by Burning Glass combing through millions of job postings, some tried and true technologies are just as valuable as more cutting-edge skills. Keep your skills solid in these in-demand technologies and you’ll be poised for a successful IT career throughout 2019 and beyond.