The Right Way to Let Coworkers, Customers and Clients Know You’re Quitting

By Chelsea Babin

You’ve decided to move on to the next great career opportunity. Congratulations! But, before you leave, you need to break the news to more than just your boss. Your coworkers, customers, and clients may want to hear why you’re leaving and will want to say goodbye. Follow these steps to let coworkers, customers, and clients know you’re quitting the right way.

1. Answering the Why: When you tell coworkers, clients, and customers that you’re quitting, you can guarantee that the majority of them will ask you why. Take some time to think about how you really want to answer this. Some prefer to stay vague with a response along the lines of, “it was just time for me to move on.” Others prefer to cite the lack of room for growth or the lack of challenge. Remember, you may want to be more vague with clients and customers who ask and more specific with coworkers who you have closer relationships with.

2. Your Next Step: Preparing a brief summary of what opportunity and what company you’re moving on to is important. People will be curious about what your next step is so, if they ask, you’ll have a way to answer this question briefly.

3. Personal Contact Information: Whether you send goodbye emails from your personal account, make sure to give out your phone number, or simply connect to coworkers, clients, and customers you want to stay in touch with via LinkedIn, remember to give out your personal contact information. This is one of the most reliable ways to grow your professional network which can be a great asset in your career in the years to come.

4. A Goodbye Checklist: When it comes to goodbyes, you won’t want to leave anyone out! Make a list of everyone you’ve collaborated with, your important clients and customers, and anyone else in the office you feel the need to say goodbye to before you leave. This will help keep you accountable and make sure no one is left off.

5. Introduce to New Point of Contact: For clients and customers especially, it’s important that you take the time to introduce them to their new point of contact at the company. If you don’t have a clear replacement yet you can ask a coworker to step in in the meantime and help transition them to the next person once you’re gone.

If you’re ready to move on to the next opportunity, make sure you honor your current coworker, client, and customer relationships by telling them you’re leaving the right way. Those relationships could come in handy throughout your career!