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9 Things to Say to Encourage Your Technical Employees

To be a great boss, you have to focus on retaining your employees. And even though retaining the technical talent of your company may be challenging, it isn’t impossible. To do this, you have to go beyond offering competitive compensation, learning and growth opportunities, and work-life balance improving benefits by offering words of encouragement.

Here are 9 things to say to encourage your technical employees.

1) I trust you: 

If you believe in your employees and the work that they’re doing, this simple phrase can communicate that and inspire confidence. Bosses who don’t trust their employees are often micromanagers, which scare off talented technical professionals who value autonomy and have high-value skills and experience.

2) I want to hear your ideas: 

The best technical professionals have excellent analytical skills and creative minds. They’re also in the trenches with technology every day and may be able to spot irregularities, errors, or aspects that need improvement before you can. Suppose you regularly let your technical employees know that you want to hear their ideas and have an open-door policy. In that case, your company will benefit from their innovative solutions and groundbreaking pitches.

3) I always have time for you: 

Want to make your employees feel valued and appreciated? Reiterate, time and time again, that you have time for them despite your busy schedule. It’s easy to get caught up in all of your responsibilities, but if you let employee needs go unheard or conflicts and issues fester, it may lead to a higher turnover rate on your IT team.

4) I’m proud of what you’ve done: 

Talk about a powerful statement! When the technical professionals at your company churn out fantastic work, learn a new technology that can be used on the job, or help others meet deadlines in a time crunch, you should let them know you’re proud of their work. This will make your employees feel valued so they’ll stay at your organization longer and encourage them to continue performing at the same exemplary level on future projects.

5) Don’t worry about it: 

Whether your employees have a habit of focusing on the minutia and letting it distract them from the task at hand, or they’ve made a mistake but quickly learned from it, this reassuring phrase can go a long way. Let your employees know not to worry about certain things. This will help them focus on what’s important and keep them from becoming overstressed or burnt out.

6) How can I help?:

If you notice your technical professionals are frazzled, offering your assistance is one of the best things, you can do to alleviate their stress and establish loyalty. This phrase also comes in handy when they come to you about a problem or issue. If you ask how you can best be of service, they will often share their idea for a solution. The answer to the problem may be right in front of their noses, and they need a springboard, or it’s a scenario where they need their boss to intervene, in which case, you’ll know to step in and start problem-solving.

7) Let me know if you need anything: 

This phrase will let your employees know you’re available should they need something. From something as basic as outdated office equipment to something as complex as a project with a significant error and a fast-approaching deadline. For the lower priority issues, you can establish request systems or a separate folder in your email. For more complex and pressing issues, you can let your employees know that your door is open and you’re ready to spring into action if they need your assistance.

8) I’m sorry: 

Everyone makes a mistake now and again; it’s inevitable, though many bosses never own up to it. If you want the respect and admiration of your employees, particularly those who are technical professionals, don’t be afraid to apologize for your mistakes.

9) Thank you: 

If you want to earn your employee’s trust and get them to produce their best quality work, you need to say this phrase frequently and mean it. You’re asking them to devote their time, energy, and efforts to your organization’s needs for the long haul. Yes, you’re rewarding them with a salary, but, if you want to reduce your turnover, keep the best technical talent around, and attract new technical talent when you need them, this phrase should be regularly peppered throughout your conversations with your IT team.

If you want to be the kind of great boss that inspires loyalty, reduces technical employee turnover, and encourages your IT team to do their best work, you need to say these 9 things regularly. Each one represents a cornerstone of a communicative, appreciative, and innovative workplace, which is the kind of company culture that attracts top-tier technical talent.

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